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Underlord Xor'Xuul ... Really Dualyst?

Good job creating such a broken card… every abyssian who manages to spend money on this crap or gets it with the right combo only knows to do the same which ends with a loss. The board gets so full of minions that does not die that you can no longer move to strategize, might as well Conceded immediately when this broken piece of crap gets summoned. How can a card that allows no counter play make it through production.

Specially when you give it to the class that has Undying and no real consequence for killing your units. If you give a penalty like for each time the minions are re-summoned damage your general X then I could understand the meaning of sacrifice and they would rethink the choice they would make.

But no… Once this triggers they just move out and let the spam handle the rest while they keep spamming kill their own unit… to only be revived twice one for the undying effect and one for the Destiny.

This is the one of many gameplays that once I see the ongoing pattern is just infuriating. I tried many dispel or egg to try to counter attack… but once you realize that the entire deck is full of undying… there is no point in playing. I was about to get real with the game, make it a habit on playing, but what took me off from spending money was this. I did the same with hearthstone and magic… feels like the whole concept of counterplay doesn’t exist now a days.

If you need to see an example of one of many gameplays then this is it.

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