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Underlord Xor'Xul little change


Sure thing, but however you’re treating him, he doesn’t think it’s respectful. So be it, I guess.


All I need to say is that using “mentally challenged” to represent how the community was percievedly rude torwards yourself specifically is one hell of a hyperbole. I see a bit of sarcasm, but thats it.

On top of that your posts themselves tend to lean to a more needlessly combatantive nature. People respond differently to tone, not as much the kind of question someone makes.

What matters is how you say something as well, and the nature of your posts could defenitely be less aggressive, if they were then you would be surely met with much warmer reception.
(P.S. Alplod was doing nothing here 'cept being respectful and trying to help and understand, hes the last throat to jump down)


To be fair the answers in the munch thread could have been better. Instead of just ridiculing the suggestion explaining the reasoning would have been the right thing to do (only two posts are trying to do that). The answers lordmantis got are not the ones one is looking for in a discussion like that.


Alplod, just to clarify… I wasn’t intending to call you an asshole… I was making a blanket statement about the people who find it necessary to follow me around the forum throwing sand every time I have something to say they don’t agree with. Looking back over posts and private messages, that’s obviously not you. A large part of it was Epic, Phoenix, and Halcyon. Epic and Phoenix have at least been helpful in threads where I was asking for deck advice… Halcyon just seems to spew toxic waste every time he posts… which is funny since I’m the one being lectured about my tone :stuck_out_tongue:


I was not taking it personally. I mean, I didn’t find any place where you called me an asshole.

However, people that don’t agree with you are not necessarily assholes.

Since you mentioned PM, I can’t demand any proof. But still it’s quite surprising and concerning for me that you named community as a whole and some people who I find very nice (namely epic and phoenix, halcyon, sorry bro, you are too straightforward at times, no offence, still you are definitely not a dick, and I like you :grinning:) assholes. Without any proof provided.

I agree that I can’t demand anything from you, but I still can have my opinion about your person based on your actions and inactions. I’m dissapointed. You have no necessity to give a sht about it, but I am.

That’s all.


Perception is most of our reality and we have different perceptions of some interactions I think (mine and those of others). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I also don’t think Epic or Phoenix are total dicks… we’ve just had interactions that in their places I’d probably not brag about… just as I’ve had here… and again, they’ve offered help in other places, so it’s obvious their actions were based on me making retarded comments, which… I obviously took issue with but don’t hold against them. After all, if they can’t ridicule my posts, can I ridicule the posts of others?


That’s a point.

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