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Underlord Xor'Xul little change


:joy: im loving to read


Execution by holding the door open because death penalty doesn’t exist up here




Are you seriously saying that I should be castrated and hanged because a post I made ruffled some feathers? I believe my original statement may reply here as well.


If you’re going to ban me then do it… if not, you’re all talk so piss off.


Hey guy, chill out, it was just an abstract joke about the creative execution ways, I really don’t mean any harm to you personally. You don’t piss me off or smth.

I just want to know when community was unkind to you, and I will be the first to apologise if that’s the case.


Not really looking for sympathy but if you are typically an asshole then demanding people prove it is kinda ridiculous. I own it, and if someone tells me a comment I made about them pisses them off, then I might actually apologize to that person. That’s not what’s happened here. Someone with a title decided to play nanny and as per usual the community puffs it’s chest at me… IDGAF… it’s just the internet, but a lot of people here have issues (probably myself included) but somehow it’s only when I open my mouth that people suddenly give a shit. It’s laughable. I don’t see people piling on Epicflygon every time he’s a dick to someone (which, if you really want to know about the community acting out towards me, maybe start there). Either way, this is a forum for a game that can barely keep a playerbase, on my list of things to get bent out of shape about, it’s below the bottom of the list…


Maybe I’m not the person to judge, but afaik I was not asshole for anyone, I’m always trying to be helpful and kind. Except for hagouken or what his name was but he was an asshole himself.

Also, afaik, flygon is usually nice, but it’s my personal opinion.

And also, when you say someone was an asshole I want to have at least some proof, as it seems like personal offence without any precedent.


Hagouken flashbacks


I don’t need you to have proof and if the statement doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply. Who do you think you are to demand that I prove to you that someone was a dick? If it’s that important I suggest you use the search functions. I’ve not exactly started a lot of threads.

EDIT: Also, the point wasn’t to call out anyone for how they treated me, but rather to point out the double standards with how the community chooses when to care or not about our interactions with one another.


U talking bout this?

All I see is fair discussion


Basically you’re saying, you don’t need any excuse to call anyone dick.

I’m done here.


When I pointed out that you’re chasing a red herring you duck out? Makes sense.


@stormshade If you have the time get this 7-year-old under control. Thanks.


Also, the community doesn’t care about interactions with you because you’re always so disagreeable, intentional or unintentional. It’s pretty audacious to expect others to treat you with courtesy when you call people mentally challenged only because you disagree with them.


You’re proving my point, you disagree with me and call me a 6-year old… as a nearly 40 year old man, that’s not different from calling me mentally challenged… but you keep on going with the double standards.


I’m not disagreeing with you, I just personally think you are an asshole. Where’s the double standard in that?


As to the community being shitty (which includes halcyon98 after a re-read)
(edit, for clarity, the quotes are links to threads, not specific quotes)


If you see these discussions and DON’T recognize the amount of snark people are throwing or were involved and are trying to act holier than thou instead of owning up and admitting that you were a dick. Yeah, people were disagreeing with me, but if that’s all it was, those threads would’ve been a lot shorter. That doesn’t cover people following me to other people’s threads and shitposting after any response I made calling me out about timers or cards I was pissed at. So please… spare the platitudes.


Well, it is rather unfair to call this a double standard, is it? I’m not seeing any serious offenses in the threads you posted, unless you’re that petty. It’s just sarcasm, and it’s rather strange for you to want others to admit they are dicks for simply being snarky while you are calling people mentally challenged like it’s no big deal at all.

And speaking of a double standard, I can easily do a search and post all the offending comments you’ve made in the forums so far. I can think of a few already, and perhaps they can explain why others do not want to treat you with respect. Would you want me to do that?


I have no problems treating @lordmantis with respect. I respectfully disagree with the opinion that one can call people dicks without any apparent reason. Regardless of actual age.

As they say, wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.