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Underlord Xor'Xul little change


Hello everyone, one little change to this card:

“Whenever a friendly ABYSSIAN minion dies…”

Let’s end games like this please:


Playback not working but I guess it’s a Tiger issue ? :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: maybe…


I went with the most obvious as most(all?) of Xor deck I’ve met play it, but I’ll be curious to know :slight_smile:

Anyone got the playback running ?


Honestly Xor isn’t even that good, no reason to nerf.


Delete trials bar wanderer. Nerf wanderer to a 7 cost, delete flash. Boom. We done.


agreed, but it can steal wins it has no business having with nut draw/ suboptimal game play. It also forces control out of the meta. Delete.



nobody are complaining so much all the time, this post is a suggestion


I don’t think OP is the one acting mentally challenged. Grow up.


Xor would be COMPLETELY broken like that.
Worst of all he would become something that trials are supposed to not be:a staple that you throw into ANY abyssian deck.Minions are going to die in every deck…so every abyssian deck can complete that trial


And also it’s the main gameplan of any Lilithe deck.


OP, where do you want to place this effect, in Trial, or in Destiny


It is a normal suggestion, I don’t know at all why you are insulting OP? No reason for that at all!


Tiger’s cost is sub-optimal already, the only reason it’s in the Maehv deck is THAT situation, which you could accomplish without slowing down the deck as much with more viable cards, sure, the combo is dumb, but trials are still hard to pull off, and abyssian definitely ain’t one of the top trial users, killing Xor’s effect to neutral minions would kill the card, if anything you could ask for less randomness like: minions respawn on their tile when dead and/or doesn’t affect Rush minions. Even getting tiger to 3/3 would be better since it’s a Never Used card.


lol wtfever… when I was still newer here and complained like this people would shit all over me… now all of the sudden the community has a conscience… gimme a freakin break


Normally I’m nice, but you either caught me in a bad mood or hit a nerve. Let’s assume both. It may have had to do with you whining and crying like a little bitch while everyone’s patience ran thin. At least this guy had the decency to suggest it properly and maturely while you sit here and make fun of him to receive the validation your depressing childhood clearly lacks. There’s your break, now fuck off.


Quote, please. I’m not sure it happened ever.


Considering the moderation strike I got for using a common and totally correct word … by reading your answer (which I love btw), CPG may hire a hitman to go at your home and shoot you in the face. :exploding_head: :gun:
Farewell my friend, I’m gonna miss you :frowning:


No guns or knives allowed in Europe or Canada. He will be put to death by spoon.