Unconventional Decks to S-Rank


I hit S-rank a few days ago and just wanted to share the deck lists I have used this season. Most of them are unconventional.

Artifact Aggro Sajj


An aggressive artifact variant that aims to close games early by going
face. The game can also stall into late game by building up the combo
pieces for a satisfying time maelstrom finish.
This is the deck that I have used from Rank reset until Diamond combined
with some other Sajj variants such as Dying Wish Sajj, Oserix Sajj. But
this is the Sajj list that I use most of the time.

Wish Zirix


The deck aims to complete all the 3 wishes in order to drop off Pantherans for free.
Along with Aymara Healers, your opponent would need to have very good
removals if they want to survive the next turn. Third wish is the MVP of
this deck as it allows my dervishes to hit face when the opponent least
expects it. Whisper of the sands is another special mention as it
closes the game easily especially on Songhai match-ups because they do
not seem to care about my obelysks. This is the deck list that I have
used from Diamond 5 - Diamond 1. It was very close to getting me to rank
S 2 chevrons off then onto a losing streak so I used the next deck.

Shadow Creep


This is my go to deck if I wanted to climb. When I had my losing streak, I used this
deck to boost my morale to climb back up. It has a very clear win
condition and probably my most consistent deck. Not really
unconventional but I included it here because this is the deck I have
used from Diamond 1 to S.

Wall Faie


This is the current deck I am using at S-rank went from rank 20 to rank 60 because
of this. I tried a lot of variations and still cannot get the perfect
combination to stabilize the deck. Warning: Do not ever
try to play this wall list if you get easily tilted. One Skorn will
throw your win condition down the drain. Still a very fun deck and I
plan to optimize this further even if it puts me at the bottom of S lol.


Gotta craft a third third wish and try the wish deck, my own attempts to make pantheran work went horribly wrong lol.


Thanks for sharing, I’m willing to give arti sajj/wall faie a shot since ages. Might start from those lists =)


interesting, no Abjudicators in Wall Vanar?

Seems like it has 2 WinCons, I see people trying it out by making a fusion between Wall and Arcanyst because of the spells, what do you think?


Congrats on hitting S-rank, but these seem mostly like pretty straight-forward representations of their archetypes? A twist or two (like Pantheran) but artifact Sajj, Zirix, Cassy control and wall Faie are all over the ladder from what I can see.


I want to try the Wish Deck, but I don’t think I will have enough spirit to craft 3x Third Wish anytime soon. I get that it used to be a much stronger card, but I don’t want to invest that much spirit into a card that is only used so specifically.

Love the originality. Have you considered running 1X Astral Phasing to fly your repulsored minions back into battle? I have always wanted to, but been too reluctant for fear of a dead card.


Third wish is definitely solid I have won games by it buffing a wind dervish spawn from obelysk and a dune caster. Lots of enemies think thy are safe until it gets flying lol.


I had abjudicators at first but it was too slow. I actually have a very low win rate with wall vanar. I am only using it at S rank to experiment. I think only 2/10 win rate lol. I haven’t tried the arcanyst version though. I think you would not need abjudicators in it since polarity is already a 0 mana cost card and perhaps a previously set board leaving you at full mana on the turn for lethal. Unless I guess you would be dropping owl beast sage then using spells such as lightning blitz then the card to reactivate your minions on the enemy side of the board in a single turn for lethal.


its more like just running Owl and Illusionist because the wall happen to be generated by spells, it allows you to hold a more powerful board while you either beat them to death or set up for a WWake lethal.


I think Cass control is the only usual deck (I mentioned it in the post) and perhaps wall faie (but there are no set ways to actually build walls except for the wall themselves). I think a lot of people stopped playing Sajj artifact so this is just a new list I came up a more aggressive version then Zirix Obelyk with new tools. Overall, the theme of the decks are mostly the same but the card choices are a unconventional to their predeccessor which completely changes how you play the decks totally.


I have astral phasing for my portal guardian deck so I have tried it for a bit. Very situational and I tend to hold onto it but I never really get to use it.


You could be right, I am not S-rank myself, but someone I talked to last night who is said that artifact Sajj was all over the place.

And of course you are correct that small changes can have a big impact.


It probably is the variant that uses spine cleavers. That one is a control variant and does not run combo pieces such as time mael + aurora tears.