Unable to play lately due to constant disconnections



The game freezes constatly. I can still see the other player’s mouse movement but there’s no refresh on my client side, I cannot play any cards or move.
I tried playing the game both on my internet connection and on a friend and the problem persisted (ISP is the same tough).

It’s been happening in every game since yesterday but it was still really commmon before that and it’s making me unable to play the game.

Operating System:

Mac OS X El Capitan

System Specs:

I5 2.6Hz

Game Client: All game clients. Seems to be less on Chrome.

Geographic location : São Paulo, Brazil.


I did some troubleshooting and it seems to be a mac compatibility problem.

As I said I was having trouble with the game freezing on the mac. To test my internet connection and wifi I installed the standalone client on a old WIN 7 notebook running i3 M370 2.4 GHz, 3GB RAM, Intel® HD Graphics.

The game ran smoothly on this windows machine on low setting despite the old config. It ran smoother and quieter than on the 2014 macbook running i5. I played a couple games on the Windows machine on the same wifi connection as I was playing on my macbook, there was no freezing. I, then, switched to the mac and the freezing problems happened on the first game.

To test if it wasn’t some fault on my macbook’s network adapter I installed a Win 10 virtual machine on Parallels. On the virtual machine I installed the standalone client and played a couple games. The game ran without freezes despite having a couple graphics glitchs due to it been a virtualized machine. Even running the client on a WIN 10 virtual machine on top of OS X the macbook ran quieter.

Another thing I noticed is how well was the installation process on windows compared to installing the client on a Mac. On the mac when the client stars downloading the game it sometimes stops on a certain percentage, to resume the download I had to quit and reopen the client. On Windows the download was faster and it did not stop midway, installing the client on the first run on the native WIN7 and on the Virtualised WIN10.

I know the overheating on mac is a known issue for sometime but the connection problems are really affecting me, I don’t know if it is a new issue or whatnot but it seems to be on the mac client as well.


Still having problems


Still happening.
Just lost a couple games on the ladder and on gauntlet.
This syncup has been reported here and on reddit by a different user but still no answer.