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Ultimate wraithling/shadow creep deck or vetruvian artifact?


Ok so i farmed some spirit and now i am wondering should i craft some cards i need for my shadow creep deck or should i spend it on vetruvian artifact deck.
This deck revolves around the idea of lilithe bbs spell combo with nocturne which can generate creep 2 times faster than cassyva, making cards like munch or ghost azalea very powerful very fast. It also make abyssal crawler spawn extra wraithling each turn with shadow creep, which is perfect turn 1-2 play, crawler+nocturne. I added 1 nekomanta and 2 dying wish minions so when neko dies it always draws klaxon and vorpal reaver which summons 12 shadow creep and 12 wraithlings if nocturne is on board or 6 shadow creep and 6 wraithlings without nocturne. This deck is based around an idea to create a wall of inpenetrable shadow creep with damage boosted by darkspine elementals and abyssal tormentors so our enemy will never want to step on it. Then we drop alcuin fugivite so we can cast munch each turn making us immortal while we slowly cover whole board with creep. This deck requires some minions to stick to the board to work so i added 3 mirrorims if we ever run out of vital minions. Spells like wraithling swarm make additional 3 shadow creep and shadow nova create extra 4 wraithlings. I also added grandmaster variax which is best wraitling buff making them 5/5. I am wondering should i keep obliterate because it removes all shadow creep but it is the best AOE and with this deck we can cover whole board with creep 3 times over. I will be glad to see you ppl post your own versions of ultimate shadow creep decks or vetruvian artifact decks with explainations how does it work.


A problem with using Nocturne is it never manages to stick on the board for long for extended periods of time. Once Nocturne is removed, all your Wraithling and Creep generators will no longer be generating both. When playing this deck you will need a way to keep Nocturne safe.

I am a bit unsure about Variax in this deck. Once late game hits, it is very likely you have used up your Wraithling Swarms in an attempt to fill the board with Creep. One or two Nocturnes will have died, and the enemy is not going to the the other one stick.
Because of the strong reliance on Shadow Creep without a guaranteed way to generate Creep when the game hits 8 mana, Ghost Azalea and Obliterate are unreliable finishers and should only be 2 ofs or dropped completely in favour of Bloodmoon Priestess and Ooze.

I still might consider using Cassyva as your General becasue of your inconsistent Wraithling generation. It is better to focus harder on Wraithlings for Lilith and Creep for Cassyva, with Furious Wraithlings as a game ender for the former and Infinite Husks as a game ender for the latter. The divided attention to both archetypes limits your card choices because you are trying to include a bit of support of both which forces you to sacrifice the stronger support cards for each.


I haven’t had a lot of fun with Vetruvian artifact decks, for what it’s worth. Too much of a coin toss for my taste.


Hol’ up the bud! If you are playing whraitlings, then: Include 3 Reavers, add 3 dfs with the current build. You dont need 3 obliterate, same thing for Variax. Fugitive at 3 also seems unnecessary.


Creep lilith is definitely an interesting deck and I’m glad that nocturne exists to complete it.

That being said, your version could use some work (so don’t go burning your spirit on those legendaries just yet!).

For starters, you aren’t playing on lilith’s strengths enough. I get that you want to go heavy on the creep, but there’s so much you can do with her that doesn’t have to take away from the theme. Chakram, banishing, inkling surge, hell; even shadowstalk work in your favor, making use of your wraithlings in a fashion that doesn’t take away from your creep wincon. Darkspine and tormentor work better when you have the means to summon creep under the enemy, a feat that’s too inconsistent with shadow nova alone (it’d be better as an independent deck with painful pluck and sphere of darkness).

To continue the line of a creep wincon, ditch variax and fugitive. Your deck doesn’t combo enough with your spells to warrant the use of fugitive and Big V is an expensive wincon for another type of deck, not exactly thing thing you want to see if you’re down on board (which I can predict will happen with your lack of removal).


-Fugitive, Tormentor, Variax, 1-2 Obliderates,
+Chakram, Ritual Banish, inkling surge,


The main core of the deck i would like to play is darkspine elemental and abyssal tormentor, because the idea of having scaling damage on my shadow creep seems like very fun way to play. The main problem i have is i don’t know what way of covering board with shadow creep is best… Lilithe+nocturne? Klaxon+vorpal reaver? nocturne +wraithling swarm/shadow nova? I am struggling to put a deck together that would let me pull off my combo


I’ve actually been working on a lot of Creep decks recently (going back to the old days where that was the only deck I mained, and was pretty successful). Right off the bat, I’ll suggest -3 Mirrorim, +3 Lure, because no Abyss deck exists without Lure :stuck_out_tongue:.

If you really like the removal package of infinite Munches, I’d also suggest -3 Fugitive, +3 Alcuin Loremaster, which has really been helpful in getting extra Munches, along with bouncing important spells like Lure, Yielding Depths (which I also believe you should use) and potentially Painful Pluck, which has a lot of synergy with Alcuin Fugitive (so there really is a use for him).

Maybe DFS to get out your big boys faster, as playing one a turn, only to get wiped out by BtA or a dispel will crush you, so you gotta accelerate faster, along with it being a naturally good spell with Lilithe.

Another problem I potentially see, and said by other players is the extreme dependence on Nocturne, along with that fact that it basically is your main creep generator, which forces all your other creep cards to become useless if nocturne dies.

Card Swaps/Changes
-3 Mirrorim, +3 Lure
-3 Tormentor, +3 Ooz
-3 Alcuin Fugitive, +3 Alcuin Loremaster OR find a way for +3 Painful Pluck
-3 Variax, +3 Juggernaut
-1 Obliterate, -1 Azalea, +1 Klaxon, +1 Vorpal
Add some potential Swarm Synergy like Wraithcrown/Chakram

Good luck and have fun testing out your nocturne deck! :crazy_face:

EDIT: The best way to generate creep consistently is just to play Cassy, and remove all wraithling synergy to streamline the deck :frowning:


Believe that is DFS for Sacrifice, not Crescendo :smile:.


Whoops, was typing that out a bit fast, thanks for the catch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So i made some improvements to my deck and now it looks like this;

Once i complete xor’xuul trial having undying abyssal crawler, darkspine elemental, nocturne, alcuin fugitive and abyssal tormentor is op af. I crafted 3 abyssal tormentors and 3 ghost azalea for this deck and it performs pretty well so far.


Fun. Would you care to share a replay?


defeat clusterfuck xor’xuul vs xor’xuul
this one was pretty funneh

So far i haven’t got any interesting games with this deck yet but when i happen to have one where i summon xor’xuul and do infinite damage with shadow creep during doing my daily quests i will drop some replays here :smiley:


this was the craziest game i had with my friend, i wanted to test the max dmg of shadow creep and it seems like it is capped at 360. I had 3 abyssal tormentors and 3 darkspine elementals and whole board in creep so the proper value should be 45 x3 x2 x2 x2. After we bouth buffed ourselves to the max we decided to see who would kill who faster but then he had to go so i surrendered :stuck_out_tongue: I reccomend watching it at x2 speed
this replay might freeze your computer xD


Tormentor’s effect doesn’t stack with himself, so dealing 360 damage is exactly what you should expect from 1 tormentor + board full of shadow creep + 3x Darkspine Elementals (i.e. 45 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 360).

If you manage to get more than three Darkspine Elementals (something that is highly unlikely unless you are fighting against bots or friends for testing purposes) on the board at once you should be able to deal even more damage.


You are executing your plan soooo sloooooowwwly :sleeping:.
Stopped watching before board filled with creep.

Fugitive + Pluck would fill board quicker.
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45 (9 casts of Pluck)

You could try calculating the max creep damage.
I’m assuming the case would be 1 Abyssal Tormentor + (45-1-2=42) Darkspines and 2 generals.
So 45 X 2^42 = 197 912 092 999 680 damage

Quicker to do some maths than a slow run :smile:.


yeah but i wanted to leave last 3 rows for my friend so he can buff himself up which would be hard with pluck. Also i didnt build a deck specifically for this match i just used my normal competetive deck. I wonder at what point would the game just crash :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah you are probably right that tormentor doesnt stack. I could use mirrorim on mirrorim and then mirrorim on darkspine elemental and repeat for infinite darkspine elementals :stuck_out_tongue:


if you ever consider making that vet deck, try using a deckbuilder first before crafting anything. non-dervish vet is always jank or dank and no inbetween.

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