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Ultimate spellpower cassyva


I bring you my newest creation since i crafted 3 death kneels. First you summon aethermasters, nocturnes and alcuin fugitives and let them die. Then you mirrorim a mirrorim for +3 mirrorims. Then you mirrorim death kneel as many times as you would like. And then you will have so many alcuin fugitives on board that each turn you can cast 6 spells and get 6 spells back. With nocturne on board spells like wraithling swarm, shadow nova, necrotic sphere and dark transformation create wraithlings and shadow creep. Once you are finished with spamming spells like there is no tommorow, you can cash in all board of shadow creep with either variax or obliterate. I added 1 sarlac to the deck for a scenario when you have 6 alcuin fugitives and aphotic drain in hand so you can cast it on sarlac 6 times and heal 30 hp each turn. Once this deck gets going is so op omg. If you ever run out of cards I also added the best draw in the game, which is 3 rites of the undervault. I will play some games with it and update this thread with some replays later. What do you guys think about this deck?




Looks like a painfully slow game plan.

A usual arcanyst deck kills when Death Knell appears.
Mirrorim a high cost Death Knell, then finding copies and playing them is wayyyy slooow. Mirrorim a Mirrorim is just overdoing it.
Why not just copy the Fugitive?
You can also try the usual revival strategies. Consuming Rebirth, Echoes and Nether Summoning.

Your minions are pretty weak looking. How do you survive? :sweat_smile:

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I survive by constantly spamming wraithlings.
It is slow but once it gets going I get so many spells i don’t know what to do with them lol. Why would I copy fugitive if I can summon 8 fugitives with 1 death kneel? I feel like consuming rebirth and echoes are for decks with gors and sarlacs. I have 1 nether summoning, I need to craft 2 more it’s next on my list to craft
@humancalc check out 3rd replay lol

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What happened to just using nightshroud + death knell?

No longer the ultimate meme?

3x rite of the undervault also looks pretty useless here if you plan to keep replacing into 8 drops and cycling a lot of spells.



first i have to kill my 3 alcuins for kneel to summon them and for that i need to draw fast. There is no better value draw than 6 mana for 6 cards. Nightshroud is more for pure arcanyst decks which i don’t like because i only want to summon alcuin fugitives.

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This was very funny game it’s pretty long though because I killed my opponent by making him burn all his cards so i reccomend watching at x2.0 speed :stuck_out_tongue:

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@tobiahu knows how to make lulz :kissing_closed_eyes: Love your threads!

That 1 off Sarlac, though…



The symbolism is strong in this list.



@alplod thanks :smiley:
@fr0stfyre1 I don’t get this meme. What is cpg? And when did i say f off?



If you don’t copy Fugitive, that means you must play more than 1 Death Knell. So you might revive Death Knell instead of Fugitive. So getting 8 Fugitive with your method is unlikely. Not like it matters much though since you probably win with a Death Knell instead.
PS: It is Death Knell, not Kneel

I think x2.0 speed is not enough for the replays. Can someone make a video and bump up the speed even more? We need lightning fast replays :laughing::zap:.



I don’t usually explain a joke, but since it’s about you, here goes. clears throat.

CPG is the studio behind Duelyst. They want duelyst to be super fast.

You are a Duelyst player. You make decks that make outlast ziran seem lightning fast.

The inherent irony from the difference in objectives forms the humor of the mem.



@tobiahu not to be offensive, but you play the game looking for ways to decimate the opponent after a long set up that would get you killed against any fast aggro deck. you have cool ideas, but when you can get a p2t2 kill (i have seen it with flash/elucidator/amplification, p1 hits the elucidator, then t2 thumping wave then face with vaath.) the others have implied it, but waiting so long for not so great a chance is how you lose, unless you can control the crap out of your opponent. no offense meant.

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@humancalc Yeah this game was so long omg xD.
@fr0stfyre1 I understand it now thank you for explaining :smiley:
@nomnomnomnom Well to get to late game i packed my deck full of removal, I got 12 removal cards (i swapped 3xaethermaster for 3xmunch) not counting cards that i will copy cast from alcuin fugitives.

Here’s another replay vs grow magmar for you guys to prove that this deck performs good if I draw well :smiley:

Here is the deck updated without aethermancers and with munches for even more removal and heal

Also to clarify my decks are build in a way to have fun while playing them, not to get S-rank by killing opponent before 9 mana. I never reached S-rank before, got only silver, but that is also because I do not play ladder exept when I’m doing daily quests :stuck_out_tongue:




I am so glad i won this game xD



@tobiahu I don’t understand your placing for shadow tiles. Why do you always place them in the back? Like in your last replay. opponent has an artifact equipped and a 2/1 on board. Place Shadow Nova underneath them to kill minion and ping and potentially hit them with your general. But you run back and place Shadow Nova somewhere where it doesn’t do anything. I see that there is a benefit for not killing the minion directly this turn, but to wait for BBS next turn, but still. At least play the Nova underneath the enemy general or in front of you, so they have to walk on it when coming closer to face.


Infinite grow! Much meme. Such mech buff. Endless possibillites

I just really like sitting in a corner and making everything that comes to attack me take 1 damage per turn. Sometimes it makes enemy general decide to not attack me at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Infinite grow! Much meme. Such mech buff. Endless possibillites

This is the most boring game ever, Rin deleting himself on my deck :stuck_out_tongue:

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but painful to whom?

surely not tobiahu :joy:


Infinite grow! Much meme. Such mech buff. Endless possibillites
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