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Ultimate late game combo dying wish cassyva

Ok so I’m done with backstap songhai for a moment while i gather dust to get better cards to tinker with. In the meantime I upgraded my abyssian shadow creep deck and I figured out that I don’t really need to put 20 shadow creep generation cards if i can just have one abyssal crawler or Klaxon on board with trial. Let me explain each card purpose in this deck;

3 consuming rebirth + 3 blood echoes to multiply minions dying wishes effects and finish trial.

1 abyssal crawler/1 klaxon + trial=infinite shadow creep generation. Add 1 darkspine elemental and 1 abyssal tormentor and our shadow creep one shots everything.

1 nightmare operant + trial=we can add infinite mechazors to our deck and never run out of cards.

1 void hunter / 1 nekomanta + trial = infinite card draw.

1 gor / 1 sarlac to spam our bloodbound other spells on to finish trial quickly. I would add more of these but i need the board space, which those 2 minions take all board space after trial.

1 shadow sister kelaino / shadowdancer + trial = infinite healing. Kelaino also works well with multiplied Hexclaw curse, because each curse gives +1 hp each turn.

1 dioltas because i love the fact that it always summons 0/8 provoke near general, unlike trial random spawn.

1 Ironclad + trial= potential silence all enemy minions each turn.

3 punish + 3 necrotic sphere for some removal to survive untill trial.

3 alcuin fugivites + trial = up to +6 spells generation each turn. One game I had 6+ alcuin fugites on board after trial and i cast 6 aphotic drains on sarlac/gor each turn, healing for 30.

1 Rite of the undervault for very rare situation when it’s our last card in hand and we draw 6 cards for 6 mana, play 1 card for 1-3 mana and draw 7th card.

1 unseven + trial = cheat mana of all dying wish minions.

This is the most fun abyssian deck I have created yet :smiley:


HELLO TOBIAHU!!! !!! ! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!

This deck’s structure is super interesting, I really really like it
We must be reminded that tobiahu is some kind of special-relativity-mancer in that his games are time-dilated almost beyond comprehension
Almost- still the arguments for the deckslists make sense!
The question then becomes a matter of how often the strategy works
Unfortunately I cant build and test this because I spent the last of my spirit crafting this garbage Grandmaster Dragall deck that never wins even when piloted by the man himself but which I enjoyed playing with anyway
Through that lens, here are some thoughts:::


Why dont you get three Gors
That would allow you to more consistently have a good target to cast kill spells on
Which would allow you to more consistently make better use of the bodies on the board
As in, you would rather sac a Gor for Aphotic Drain instead of Kelaino
The same logic can be applied to Sarlac, but for reasons of it being 3 mana I am not as confident in that one

Nekomata draws you two cards, but its body is bad in that it trades only once most of the time, and it doesnt generate infinite value post-trial, because you dont have all that many dying wish minions; I get it could work as a fetch card to get you Klaxons, which is efficient threat and creep generation, but then, it would still not fetch Tormentor
For four mana, you could be going for Spelljammer, whose body is 3/5- which tends to trade more times, require more effort to be killed, and the only way it doesnt draw you equal cards to Nekomata is if the opponent kills it instantly- Otherwise, it draws equal or better, while being a bigger threat

Rite of the Undervault is often a “skip your turn” card and you could be running more Jammers instead

Blood Echoes costs 3 and adds nothing to the board- Consuming Rebirth costs 2 and adds +1+1; during a game I would always be replacing Echoes for something that does more than add 1 to trial count
For reference, if you get more Gors, you could add that +1 trial with just casting Cass BBS on them, which saves you 2 mana for something else, like another sac spell

Kelaino vs Shadowdancer: I think, if things are constantly dying on the board, and they ought to be from your spells, Dancer is more valuable in that it damages the opponent
Also, a budget alternative to Kelaino would be Day Watcher- since your minions dont die anyway,

And a final note, on the creep side of the deck
Its a good idea but I dont think its often effective
Because its too specific a combo- you need to have 3 cards for it to work, and they are all 1-ofs: Kelaino, Tormentor, and maybe Darkspine
Plus, it seems like a pretty slow deck, so in the average match I’d think I’d rather draw something that makes me live longer, like Azure Herald, than Abyssal Crawler, a setup card to a payoff that is hard to get and far away

If you just take out the Creep package, Blood Echoes and Rite of the Undervault, you get more space for Gors and Jammers, and some leftover for Heralds if you like them

…i was supposed to be working for two hours now but this post distracted inspired me to play duelyst while intermittently writing this
i need to cut off so i dont spend more time
GOODBYE! ill see you LATER!


Also, another note
Readers might ask themselves why I didnt say anything about “9 2drops”
Its because Tobiahu probably heard that a lot of times
And if he’s still not doing it, and having a good time without them
Then to hell with rules, play no 2drops, I dont care, this is art, this is joy, this is the fifth limb


I want to know if this is the legend of infinite creep part 2.

Also I hate decks with so many 1 - ofs. Those deck pictures hurt my eyes to look at :face_with_monocle: :tired_face:.


I am glad you find my deck interesting and you like it.
Well, if I don’t draw removal + heal package my games are super fast :smiley:

Gor + trial ends up with 30+ gors on board and your turn ending before pets finish movement. Sarlac also squares.

I need to test does Nekomanta draw fatigue if there are no dying wish minions in deck, but I think not and that’s why I included it. Spelljammer is an interesting option to have in a deck like this.

Rite of the undervault is very good in decks with low curve like this one.

Blood echoes does add something to the board after trial; It is a copy of each minion on board. It is my multiplication spell, therefore I cannot drop it from deck :stuck_out_tongue:

I need shadowdancer early game, while lategame all board is creep therefore kelaino is better, because all enemy minions give +1 hp per turn.

Why would I need Azure herald 1/4 with one-time heal if I can drop alcuin fugitive after trial, multiply it with consuming rebirt or blood echoes and then cast 6 aphotic drains each turn for a cost of only 1 copy of that spell? If azure herald had a dying wish heal instead of opening gambit, then I would consider adding him.

BTW you said about no 2 drops, but lately i have been thinking about a q’uorlama (or smth like this) with opening gambit : Destroy each 2 or less cost minions from each players deck. What if I would make a deck of 30+ 2 mana drops, 3 q’uorlamas and a specific card combo? I would always mulligan for q’uorlama and after I play it, I would only have given combo cards in my deck left, so I would draw them immidietly :open_mouth: . Removing up to 38 cards from your deck seems like it opens new pathways of deckbuilding :open_mouth: I wonder did anyone try that already :thinking:


Yes. The legend continues…


Shadowdancer kills your opponent, Kelaino not. There is nothing better than Shadowdancer post trial.

I wonder did anyone try that already



I’d love for there to be some gamemode where generals had 999 hp or something and see if decks like this do well there.

It would probably be a wasteland of trial Abyssinian and doom decks though

Also, would a one-off grandmaster be good here? 3 mana to fill every space with 4/4s once you get full shadowcreep?


Doom would need to be banned in that mode tho


That day-
on which doom is meta defining


Just play 3 Eternal Hearts to counter it!


There need to be a Alcuin guy to duplicate artifacts. He’s sorely missing for the meme crowd.


That gives me the shivers…

Imagine Spellhai duplicating their crescent spears.


That’s when you use mirrorim to copy rust crawler.


In Vet we have a spell that revives artifacts - it kinda counts.

Sadly it doesn’t revive relics. I tried. So - not meme enough.


Tobi needs no standard rules for deckbuilding. I lost to him more than once. He can draw the needed cards with sheer willpower, trust me. He is not a special-relativity-mancer, he is a probability-mancer.


He is the last scholar of lord @kevin2hard
He will bring about the comming of the Q4
Decks will be burned, Magmar will be deleted
And out of the ashes, a 60 card deck limit will be born.


btw. there is a minion called grincher with Opening Gambit : Add a random artifact to your action bar. It costs 3 less. mirrorim him and mirrorim mirrorim and there you go, infinite artifacts deck :smiley:

Thanks everyone for compliments and happy new year ^^


We love u bro. Happy New Year.


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