[UI] Interface Fix Compilation


Just keeping a summary thread, in case some dev, one day has some time to spend on it.
This is not about pointing fingers and whining, it’s just a list full of hope for incoming improvements, we love you guys :wink:

I’ll try to maintain this list with any relevant issue found in the forums. Feel free to PM me if I missed something important. And thanks to all concerned players that already gave some feedback, sorry if I didn’t name you all, but you have my sympathy :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Quests : could use a badge like “Friends” label, displaying the number of unfinished quests like : Quests (2)

Profile > Match History

  • Browsing Matchs
  • Match Playback (2)
  • Match Playback 2 : when leaving a playback, you should land back on the list, not on the home page, it forces user to make several useless click to get back in initial context (browsing match history)
  • List : should display the faction versus who you played, it’s a very relevant data, there are still some third-party scripts to do it ! (2) (3)



Small overlap


Main Interface


* Collection Search Keywords
  • # (number) : for cards with mana cost #
  • “core” : core set
  • “shim” : Shim’zar expansion
  • “rise” : Rise of Bloodborn expansion
  • “prismatic” : guess :stuck_out_tongue:
  • “new” : cards you just acquired and didn’t check yet
  • rarity (common, rare, epic etc)
  • type (spell, artefacts etc)
  • tribe (battle pet, arcanyst, dervish, vespyr etc)
  • ability (dying wish, provoke etc)
  • fulltext : any word appearing on card

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Would adding a Shadow Creep counter like the Mechaz0r tracker display on the general fall under this according to you?
If so, you can maybe add it.

Boss Battle Shadow Lord

When I first read your message I thought I’d like to keep it as “agnostic” as possible. Not doing something related to a specific faction … then I realize Creep Number is something that will be interesting for the Abyssian player AND every opponent. Just like Mechaz0r, good call !
So I added it, thank you :wink:


Adding the previous page button on match history?


It’s already in the list (Browsing Matchs) and is one of my first requests 5 months ago :wink:


Oh good then, my OCD brain would be so happy if it is actually implemented in the future, hahahah


Have any of these come noticed?


I don’t understand your sentence/question :confused:


Sorry i meant “have any of these issues listed been fixed by the developers yet?”


Err … no, that’s the exact point of this thread, to sum up discrepancies so devs have a reference list if they want to work on it :confused:

They fixed the “concede without waiting while lethal animation” on last patch, I guess there is still hope :grin:


Yeah, I wouldn’t have prioritized that… but ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the list, we also have a list similar to this but it’s nice as a cross reference as well :smiley:


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