UI Feedback : inconsistency



Can we have a “Previous” link on the Match History screen please ? :wink:

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I’m bringing this back, sorry for necroposting but today again, I wanted to scroll and watch some matches from a guy in my friendlist and having only [NEXT] instead of a relevant, consistent and handy [PREVIOUS] [NEXT] … seriously, it’s a pain in the arse :frowning:

Please, just add the button :wink:


I find that to be pretty annoying too, I dont think it’s much work to just include a previous button o.o


I have missed the button too indeed.


Seriously. Everyday some school kid releases a new mobile app he built in this free time with a superior UI that this. Quite frankly it is embarrassing. /facedesk


that school kid’s time is free, the designers of this game’s time is not free


Exactly. Some ‘professional’ was actually paid for that. That does not explain why it is worse - on the contrary, it raises questions why that is.


Probably the resources were allocated somewhere else deemed more important. Poor backend code could potentially make implementing a deceptively simple previous button rather painful to implement. Sometimes it’s not quite as black-and-white as “it’s a tiny feature, it should be easy to put in”. It should be in the game, yeah, but there’s an explanation.


The UI designer was probably busy with implementing the incredible mystery chest feature. Maybe we get lucky and at some point in the future the previous-button will be added to the store as a paid microtransaction.