Two Tweaks for Accessing the Orb Opener


First, the method to open spirit orbs from the front page looks entirely different than all other options presented. It feels like a look-and-feel hiccup. The button doesn’t say, “Open X Spirit Orbs,” but merely tells you how many you have. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a button. Functionally and aesthetically the utility is a simple stat display that sits all alone in the lower-left part of the screen and just happens to have another functionality. It would be better to add the link with the other buttons in the lower-right or the to option list along the left side of the window. If you feel it really doesn’t fit anywhere and needs to be it’s own element then the look of the option should change to be more distinctive.

Yes, it’s not hard for a new player to hover over the link and then experiment once to see if it’s clickable. That’s not the point. The point is about usability that’s consistent with the page’s look-and-feel. Just by looking at the page, the option doesn’t indicate in any way that it’s the selection a player wants to use to open orbs.

Second, a link that goes from the orb purchase page directly to the orb opener would be handy. Alternatively, an option that auto-opens orbs on purchase would also be handy. It’s not an important change by any means, yet it feels that some link between store and opener ought to exist anyway.

Despite knowing better, after making an orb purchase I keep instinctively clicking on, “Spirit Orb Packs,” in the purchase window. I feel stupid every time I do that.