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Two decks walking into a bar


One is really good, the other is tons of fun but is really ( anfd i mean really) hard to play (will fix and tweak it in the future).

The good one drums

This deck is built for blowing the opponent to hell and back with flashy finishers with all over really hard control and pressure providers(s rank deck)

The fun one drums

all your chasers will fill your hand + dragon forever keeps you chasers alive until you go boom with might.
Look at it, you’ll get it at some point.

I’m too lazy to include a guide but i’ll make one soon, enjoy:)



I don’t like this, this is bad, very bad.

In all seriousness all i can see is storm, fury, lantern fox and emp really halting these decks in motion.



Well the first one blitzed into s rank like a rocket (for me).
The second one was just a fun deck.

As i mentioned i’ll add a guide so things will be clearer.

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