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Twitch Drops: No More Mystery


Just for anyone who is interested, here is a breakdown of all the twitch drops I have received so far:

-Profile Picture x8
-Emote x4
-Core Spirit Orb x19
-Immortal Spirit Orb x3
-Mythron Spirit Orb x5
-40 Spirit x1
-Epic Crate x1
-Rare Crate x2
-50 Gold x1

Everything comes one at a time except spirit orbs. I can’t quite remember the breakdown of how I got mine, but I know I got 3 Mythron orbs at once, 4, 3, and 2 Core orbs at once, and possibly 3 Immortal orbs at once. Also, you can get one Twitch drop every 48 hours from 45 minutes of watching. Core orb x1 is the most common drop by far.



You can only get a maximum of 3 orbs at a time. Either you didn’t login for some time and got 2 drops at a time or you got the 4th orb from somewhere else.


The maximum gold I got was 150. sadly I got 25 gold way more often.


Oh, I didn’t realize you could stock them up. So it must have been a 3 and a 1 at the same time.


Thanks for the info, I upgraded the wiki page!

I have to admit, I kinda believe the spirit drops to be a myth because after 49 drops I’ve never gotten spirit once :wink: Maybe I am (un)lucky.


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