Tweaked General Portraits (mod)


I went ahead and adjusted some of the general portrait art to address common complaints. Changes:

  • Reduced lips
  • Minor face shape changes for some
  • Added some colour to Vanar armour
  • The in-match portraits are now smaller versions of the main art for these generals



To install, paste the “Duelyst” folder into your Duelyst install directory and overwrite existing files.
eg in Windows 7:
C:\Users<your user>.counterplay\

Instructions for Steam:
The install location for this mod for steam users is:

You have to extract the resources folder, which is inside the zip
file. Go into the zip directory, open the duelyst folder, then open the
v1.75.0 folder, then dump it all into the Duelyst directory in steam

NOTE: when a Duelyst patch is released it will overwrite these files
and you will need to reinstall manually as the following subdirectory is
named after the patch version and will change:
C:\Users<your user>.counterplay\duelyst\v1.75.0\


Wow, I never before noticed that their lips were so huge. I wonder can you make a reverse version for the male generals?

I would like to see Zirix and Vaath with enlarged lips to match the original theme better.


Nice, Reva is now bearable to watch at, it went from “fucking hell this shit again” to “fucking he… oh ok I guess”. I’m just kidding, I love playing Songhai.


Thanks. I’m not planning on making changes to the other generals. The main goal was to make their features look more “normal”. Some of the generals are non-human already so it wouldn’t make sense to try to make them look human.


So … you like women with small mouth … lay down, get comfy and let’s speak about it … :wink:


This is extraordinary

Does it affect loading screens as well?


Yes, those portraits appear in loading screen, victory/defeat screen and the small ones are for in-match.


I’m not a fan of the forehead and lip removal. Cool mod though :smiley:

I like Duelyst’s art assets, as they seem like a large homage to Guilty Gear.


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