Tweak for confusing labels for opponent


Having the label after the numbers on the opponent’s deck, hand, and manna is confusing!

The labels should precede the numbers (they are not units but labels). I still have to look left and right of the numbers to figure out what is what.

Of course I could get used to it, but it’s one more thing that may add to the pain points/learning curve for new players, so I suggest it be changed :slight_smile:


I don’t even know what you’re talking about so it’s safe to assume I never ran into this issue.


I’ll try to explain labels …
<> represents the blue mana icon

When you are P1 the stat line is displayed :
<> 8/9     HAND 3/6     DECK 25/40

When you are P2 it’s displayed :
25/40 DECK     8/9 HAND     3/6 <>

And that is indeed inconsistent. When you are P2, you’re supposed to have a reading habit (left to right, sorry for arabic, farsi readers etc) that is the same.

Sadly, there are a lot of little boring and pesky UI mistakes like this but it seems they are far from a priority.


Ah I see, never noticed.
I wouldn’t class this as a mistake but rather an aesthetic choice, I doubt many people would get confused by this as it’s simply mirrored, like the location of the general portrait versus his mana cores etc.

Actually in fighting games the hp bars drain in a different direction as well depending on the side and I have never ever heard anyone complain about that. I would say this is similar enough.

[UI] Interface Fix Compilation

That’s all the difference between a visual effect (a bar, which is a non textual element) and a label, which obey some simple rules (readability, positioning, contrast, explicit meaning).
I know it may sound a little deep in details, but trust me, it’s important.
(ok, ok, also, it’s my job*)

As famous quote says “The devil is in the detail”, it’s all the small tweaks that make an interface switch from “seems ok” to “great, with a natural usability that makes it completely disappear and allow user to focus on the task”.

*CPG guys : if you need a quick review/audit/advices, PM me, I’ll be happy to help :wink:


Lmao, I speak Urdu (which is also read right to left) as well as Arabic. Of course, I also speak English. I’m used to both styles so I don’t have a problem switching between either one.


My “Sorry” was for taking left to right as reading habit sample.
I didn’t want to imply it’s the only way.


Yes the devil is in the detail, I just don’t think this detail is the one they’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:
In other words, I don’t think it’s a problem.
There are other UI problems though (like the lack of ‘back’ in the match history etc.).

And it’s also sort of my job by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I thought it was aesthetic but it creates confusion and changing the labels wouldn’t lose anything :wink:


By the way, I realize this isn’t about the opponent’s side per se, but the about the player on the RIGHT side!

So it would have been confusing if you try to see what I was talking about when the opponent is on the left :slight_smile:


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