Turn timer too short?


I don’t know if the devs read this, but any chance on changing the mechanics of the turn timer so that time is added when performing actions? I mean, I just had a game where I had like 15 wyrmlings out and I ran out of time before I could actually use them all. Kind of frustrating, just give me like +/-5 more seconds every time I perform an action.


this seems okey, ussualy you take the turn thinking and at the end you are forced into an action, i like that you can’t lose the turn becouse you took the entire turn thinking


Hell, even balance it by reducing the amount of base time you have, but then add 3-5 seconds per action.


You can queue your actions before they finish, which helps a bit. For example, if you move Azurelite Lion, you can attack before it even gets to the square, and move and attack with it again before the animations complete. This is done by selecting the square it’s moving to and then dragging appropriately. Of course, it can be annoying to go through this process, as it’s harder to make your moves without seeing it clearly. It’s easy to mess up and not make the intended move, especially if it lags a lot. I know I’ve made many errors this way :stuck_out_tongue: . I actually wouldn’t mind a turn timer extension.


I’d understand if you wouldn’t want timer to count during animations happening. That would actually make sense and be a fairly elegant solution if it weren’t for the fact how you can queue your actions (there is even a setting that makes it easier). Game giving you a set amount of seconds per action seems like a messy solutions as different actions have animations of different length and it’s just not very intuitive. Current system works fine, sure it’s a bit harder if you’re playing swarm but you’ll get used it it as you get better at the game.