Turn 3 lethal puzzle


Taken from a game of mine. Starhorn to move and win.

Floodhorn (november edition) [Smashthings]

[details=let see here]equip the twin fang
left zyx hit taygete (twinfang+8… maybe 10)
other zyx hit taygete (twinfang 8 + 6 = 14)
starhorn move to the right
mirkblood hit vaath (2 + twinfang+2 = 16)
starhorn hit vaath (16+2 = 18)
18+2 = 20… either this isnt lethal or taygetes damage is counted on twin fang before death.
in that case +4
= 24 damage

edit- i did NOT see that silithar at the bottom of the screen
thats where the extra 4 damage comes from[/details]


pretty much. Young silthar is mine too though :slight_smile:

minor point but maybe edit post and put solution in spoiler? let others try to solve it. :slight_smile:


I didn’t see the young silithar on the bottom at first. With him, that’s exact lethal.


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