Trying to reach s-rank


Or OP epics like Thunderhorn…


my deck right now


then you guys can discuss what is the best option for my deck…


I would reccomend taking out the 2nd wishes for 1st wishes as it is a much better card, I would also take out the saberspine tigers as it is really bad at 4 mana, putting in sandswirl reader in it’s place would be nice. I also don’t think healing mystic is great in this deck and I would cut it for anything decent eg thunderhorn, third wish, fault, aymara, etc


Curve too low, you’re gonna run out of cards fast. Drop some two drops. While Second Wish Tiger combo is still pretty okay, it’s not worth it anymore. Deck should have First Wish. Could use some endgame or bigger minions, like Aymara or that 4/3 Dying Wish. That’s all I got :slight_smile:


I would also recommend taking out the 3x2nd and Mystics for 3x1rst and 2x 3rd wishes and switch Tigers for Sandswirl.


if your goal is reaching s-rank with obelysk zirix why not just play the deck improbableblob was first to reach s-rank with this month
if third wish is outside your budget and you don’t want to purely netdeck then you have 2 slots to fill with whatever memes you like.


thats the funny thing…I was using his deck…


if you are having issues piloting my deck then I can probably help with that if you would like, as the deck is clearly able to reach s in the right hands.


lol i hope you can help too, i added 2X thunderhorn and 2X Sandswirl reader. It seems to have made my deck slower and I am an aggressive player at heart. How would you play the deck?


play obelysks -> clear stuff that will kill obelysks -> hit face with dervishes -> win


I have been playing and I am loving the deck! I think scions third wish would be awesome to put in for second wishes. I am running to decays because it needed more removal. I am feeling homesick for abyssian and I dont want those shadow sisters to be sitting there. I sold all my abyysian cards for vetruvian and I want to make either a dying wish deck or a magmar beat face deck. Any suggestions?


Don’t do Vet dying wish. I made the deck around March (maybe a bit later/earlier) last year, was around the start of Arcanyst Vanar meta and it carried me to Diamond because it was a fun deck. But the deck doesn’t work as well as anymore because of newer expansions/generals. Basically, its too slow to work nowadays and most decks can outpace the value from the dying wish effects. Plus if you look at what is gonna rotate out from the Shim’zar expansion, its a archetype that is gonna be gone soon and unlikely to be replaced, since Abyssian has been given the majority of dying wish tools.


lol i meant abyysian dying wish deck


One thing then, my friend. WELCOME TO THE LAND OF LURKING MEMES


Lurking is viable if you build it right. Used it for an easy climb to S a few seasons ago.


Kinda expensive though, so better consider what you’ll want to craft. But if you have a couple of Vorpals/Desos/Dioltases etc. whatever it is you want to put in there, then absolutely!


I know. I run lurking fear Maehv with grimes and rot9


lol memes are good too


my deck list now I will take out the second wishes for the third wishes and take out the decay for either healer or fault. I want to add both of 2 healers and 2 faults to my decklist but what other 2 cards do I take out?