Trying to reach s-rank


I would advise against crating the Vetruvian Grandmaster, he is really slow and just not worth using at 8 mana. If you really need a lategame threat as Vet, Aymara healer or Cataclysmatic fault are much better than Grandmaster Nosh-Rak, although it is worth mentioning that neither of them are auto-includes.

Personally, I would probably build a larger collection of Commons, Rares, and Epics before jumping to Legendary when you get some more spirit since Vet lacks any game changing auto-include Legendaries (unless you want to play Golem Vet which requires Sirroco).


Actually the biggest misplay I see here is letting him get the mana tile for free with Pax.

If you move diagonally up to the left and put Wings in the corner, it’s impossible for him to kill it with Tiger and Pax only has a 1/3rd chance of getting the tile PLUS you deny him the poop dervish for another turn, reducing his plays.

You’re right about the Rasha’s on Wingdings though, the only positive to doing that is it means the Wings can only punch once, which usually isn’t important because you can clean it up after it throws in. But hey, could’ve been his only play I guess.


This. Also, Bagoum hasn’t been updated for the current expansion/meta. Instead, take a look at this.

DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Immortal Vanguard

This right here is the arsenal. …As long as you don’t want a Zir’an or Songhai deck, @deathsadvocate doesn’t make those. But for Vetruvian, he’s got all the ammo you need.


thanks for the link! I am stuck between making the vath sexy lizards deck or making my obelysk deck into the fault/obelysk deck. Any preferences?


Or maybe the Finality combo he has listed?


The fault obelysk deck is strong for sure, but just normal obelysks works just fine too. As for the vaath deck, his is kinda weird and harder to play than normal magmar so i would reccomend a more generic midrange vaath deck.


Bagoum’s tierlist hasn’t been updated fo 6 months now. Kinda sad but at least the deckbuilder works fine and is updated.


Dang, ddint think of doing that with pax. Them battle pets still mess me up


…Tardbeast Vaath is hard to play? Are we talking about the three-warbeasts-slashers-rebukes-reincarnates-armadas-finalities-earth-spheres-et-cetera deck? It seems pretty easy to me. Just constantly cycle for more removal and punch face. Not hard to do when your whole deck is removal. The only hard decision-making is when to rebuke or plasma storm versus waiting one more turn to get them to put down even more stuff to blow up at once.

Edit: Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience. I play that one a lot. It’s stupidly effective.


Sexy Lizard is my go-to. Brutishly effective. Those turn-one sunsteel defenders, followed by an endless parade of removal and healing and out-of-hand damage, and then either drogon or saurian finality to punch their lights out.

Edit: A late-game drogon-BBS-cryptographer-BBS combo is an especially satisfying way to kill the enemy general dead, just be sure to do it in that order.


it is easier than obelysks for sure, but harder than generic midrange vaath as it is much more reliant on ramping and hand management. You can play literally anything in silver tho, so it shouldn’t matter too much


Im about to get my first legendary card for vetruvian, should I get healer or fault?


tbh neither is needed, you would be better off getting epics like rasha’s curse or gust, specifically rasha’s, that card is amazing.


i do have both 3 ofs rashas and gusts


I would save spirit untill you know you want to use them in a deck tbh, they are situational at best.


I think Aymara is pretty important in this meta, lots of burn and Ragnora burst, helps alot vs both of those. Fault is amazing but you need to build around it, where as aymara is always a decent standalone. But as blob said, neither are mandatory.


…It’s really that tricky? I’d never thought of it that way. I’m terrible with combos/setup/complications, and I played it because it seemed simple.

But swap the flash reincarnations and kujatas out for, say, healing mystics and young silithars, and you’ve got a good spread of two-drops and a little extra healing, and without flash reincarnation you won’t eat your hand as fast.


Don’t get any legendaries at all until you’ve got all the good commons, and rares, and then epics. Legendaries can wait. But once you’ve got all other relevant cards, Aymara healers are tough customers. For any Vetruvian deck that isn’t super-aggressive, and even some that are, Aymaras are the way to go.

Edit: If you like to play multiple factions a lot, I wouldn’t get legendaries for any of them until you’ve got the other stuff you want across the board.


imo Aymara is the better card, but Fault is better as a 1of. If you can’t get as many as you want to have in your deck probably save the spirit, but it’s up to you.


I recomend focusing on good neutral legends like Spelljammer