Trying to reach s-rank


hey I am relatively new, I have been playing since around November and I am in silver rank
15-14. I am playing a vetruvian obelysk deck but it has gotten me nowhere and I just hover around silver. I have about 1000 spirit and I will keep saving up more for a good s class deck when I find one. Any siggestions on what good decks in s class are now?




You beter learn to position well first and play to get better.
Running for s rank now will result in you getting smashed to high heavens by meme decks of skilled opponents.
Take the time and enjoy.


literally 90% of the recent decks here will get you to diamond or S if you play long enough and decent enough. just post your decklist and ask help on how to turn your silver deck into something a bit more competitive.


To me it seems you need some help for your gameplay less the deck because every deck can go to Gold.

Here are some guides:

And I can do a replay analysis for you, if you want to. I’d show how to improve positioning and decision making.


I just played him. he’s okay, but makes huge mistakes here and there. I’d like to help newbies, but by the looks of it, he’s just here to crowdsource his netdecking so :\


Can you give examples of these mistakes? Not trying to call anyone out, I’d also like to get better myself, so interested to see what happened. Thanks


Dont do that just now.The race to S hosted by grinch is currently active…ALOT toptierplayers are trying harder than ever to get to S.


Thanks for helping out, I will try to work on positioning more and read articles. I made a new account because I felt like I needed a fresh start and wanted to focus on a faction instead of spending spirit on one deck then want to make another. I am playing magmar now. Hopefully I will learn how to play with the deck after a while and become a better player. Help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


It is an interesting decision to create a new account. I hope you did the 100g referral code thing!

What is the advantage of creating a new account over using an old one? Even though you did mistakes with disenchanting stuff etc., shouldn’t you still be better off than with a new account?


There isn’t an advantage, it just feels good as a fresh start.


anyone know any magmar decks that I could start putting spirit into?


Try to search for decklists. You might find them in older threads.:


As a Magmar player who is still learning the game, decks are subjective and change all the time.

But there are some cards that never go out of style! Like the Makantor Warbeast. 8) If that’s not in your deck, you may as well play Lyonar. :^)


Step 1: Get to diamond with memes.
Step 2: Once you get there meme until you have three days left.
Step 3: At the night decide you will do anything to reach S.
Step 4: Pick the first brain dead meta deck you can think of.
Step 5: Realise it takes more skill then it seems.
Step 6: Play non-stop for 22 and a half hours optimizing the deck as you go to insane levels.
Step 7: Completely blow-out someone who has qualified for DWC.
Step 8: After a brief loosing streak reach S.
Step 9: ???
Step 10: Profit.

Those are my 10 steps to success.


Same link can be found when you click on the link I posted above.


Can’t remember the type of shame you picked, Vanarcanyst or Wall/Seraphim/Reflection ?


I picked a ramp deck with elements of everything, it took way too much skill to pilot to skill, when I thought it was brain dead at first.


tldr version: doing your elementary maths is important.

long version:
here’s what happened.
turn 1->he summon pax middle tile
I summon a backline wings to oppress the next thing he summons. i get in range of pax’s aggro to get rid of the body, and also give the dervishes the summoning sickness they wouldn’t have if I attacked it myself.

now here’s where things get wrong
turn 2->pax dies. summons 2 dervish. he buffs the iron dervish. and then he uses rashas curse.
wind dervish atacks wings.

what’s wrong with this:
if your enemy has a 3/3, your 3/3 can be killed.
if your enemy has a 3/1, your 3/3 can still be killed.
that was 3 mana wasted.
what I would have done
Assuming that that was your -only- cards playable back then.
rasha->buff the wind dervish, hit my wings, causing it to die

if i had other cards in hand, my other options would have been
A) summon 2 more minions.
B) used a saberspine to kill the wings
C) Kinematic Projection to stop the wings from moving(not the best removal, but now there are safe tiles for you to summon big drops)

and here i am, being a dumbfuck putting my wings up close because I’m so obsessed with picking up orbs. Still, my effective damage capability is 10, when it could have been only 5 had the bird died earlier.


thanks for letting me see my mistakes, I will try to improve upon them. I logged back in to my vetruvian (I switch between the two…) and opened up my crate for the season wich got me spirit and gold. i am back in bronze rank 20 which will help me farm gold from new players. I have been reading the articles you gave me and they have helped me improve. much thanks to everyone who has helped, learned to improve myself at this game, not my deck. :slight_smile: I plan on trying to get some grandmasters for my vetruvian so I an have some finishers in case the game goes long. I plan on bulding the magmar deck on bagoum thats “tier one” supposedly. looks like fun. maybe I will battle you guys later on…