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Trying to put some fun in the Lion


As it happens once every semester, I try to put some fun into Lyonar because of … quests.

Sometime you’re unlucky replacing quests and you end up with Lyonar. Problem is I found most of the decks boring as shit and everything feels like already seen countless times.

So, long story short, working on this right now

Synergies & explanations :

  • Argeon because need to give some juice to those feeble minions
  • Mirrorim+Riftwalker
  • Damaged Riftwalker+Lifestream (draw a new Riftwalker)
  • Tempest everywhere (spell itself/Alcuin/Loreweaver/Sunbreaker)
  • Heal from ClericTile/Scintilla/Trinity
  • Card draw/cycle from Trinity/Lifestream/Alcuin/Loreweaver
  • Lodestar because it’s fun to distrupt positioning when you Airdrop Riftwalkers :bomb:

Feedback/advices welcomed :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the plan is not grinding Ladder with it, just doing my 4 Lyonar quests here and there, with a decent but funny and unusual deck.


Have you tried Prism Barrier? A Prism Barrier on Scintilla while you have a Sunbreaker on field is a really, really good feeling…

Seems like it might need Sunbloom too. Could probably get away with 2x.


the only suggestions I would make would be focused on lorweaver and alcuin, you only have 12 spells so loreweaver seems not super useful, I would think that having an extra 2 drop should be better, losing t1 means you never get to do your deck’s thing. As for alcuin I don’t really see what benifit he really brings, if you want to have some spell recursion then maybe alcuin fugitive is a good choice, or you could just go for silverguard as a solid stall tool untill your shenanigans come online.


Damn, once you taste to Loreweaver+Trinity … that’s Lyonar Rite of the Undervault !


Replaced 3xAlcuin with Prism/SunBloom, did small mods, and it’s even better ! :slight_smile:
(only doing beta-test on Practice so far, god I miss Unranked ffs)

First “tuned” version

(yeah, that’s an awkward curve :confused: … let’s pretend my 5 drop on curve is MirroRift :smiley: )


I’d say, Regalia is very good with tempest.


Ooooh, good idea, I’ll keep it in mind, thanks :slight_smile:



I never have gotten around to playing with Lodestar, so do you know how it’s mechanic work exactly?


50 % of the time it just displaces one character to a tile nearby. The other 50% it can pull more ( 25% 2 charakters, 12,5 % 3 and so on)
Lodestar needs you to be in the lead to be good. If you want to collect all your power on the board at the same point where your opponent stands, then it can do that.
But if you are behind it is a triple edged sword. Depending where you placed it, it can pull threats away from you, pull you to the threats or pull them into safety.

My favourite Lodestar-combo in Lyonar is between Lodestar and War Exorcist. If you use Bolster or other means to buff the health of the relatively bad body of Lodestar you may have it live long enough to pull your damaged minoins together with the enemy and then Holy Immo them all at the start of your turn.
Nwardezir uses Holy Immo directly as a spell, but i don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t run both :wink:


If you like Lodestar, it works nicely in Magmar combined with Flash, Diretide frenzy and Bellow :slight_smile:


Miraging a xor’d riftwalker is so much fun, especially if they have a board of developed sqrlacs

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