Trying to make Kara work


I have been trying for a day or two to get Kara to work. I ended up with this deck with some amount of success. It’s had pretty great success so far against aggro Magmar, but has fallen short against Abyssian of various fast flavors.

I’d love some suggestions of where to improve this and whether making it faster or slower is the better idea. I’d be open to both, certainly. So far the deck seems to be a bit of an anti-meta anyway.

So far my experience has been this:

  • I’ve gotten really lucky with elkowl pretty frequently and that has been a turn 2 game shift for me.
  • Spelljammer has come in handy sometimes, but only if the game is dragging on. Draw hasn’t been much of an issue otherwise.
  • There’s no clear win-con and I kept running into issues with Meltdown not being successful
  • Wailing overdrive is kind of awesome, but I don’t know about the situational part
  • I rarely get to use frostburn as there are rarely many minions around by 5 mana, but I keep it Abyssian and ranged swarm
  • Primus Shieldmaster is just there to open up some breathing space and slow things down. Maybe shroud would be better?
  • People have tended to ignore snow chaser a little (or it keeps popping up) and frostfire keeps coming in handy

Anyway thanks in advance! I know it’s all kind of stupid, but I’m just curious to try to make Kara work even if Faie is the better choice in this meta (and maybe always).


Have you tried playing a walls package? She can make them hard to remove with BBS, and Aspect of the Mountains or Winter’s Wake can be your win condition.


Silver 13/14 here. I’d suggest:

Drop 1 Wailing Overdrive or Frostfire.
Drop 1 Frostburn if you don’t see play with it often enough.
You could grab Avalanche and/or Enfeeble.

I like Avalanche because I’m poor and when the enemy goes away from Infiltrator minions to work, they get caught out on your side by it.


@maelrawn I’ve yet to try any of the wall decks as I’ve only got one of the Aspect cards, but I have a lot of gold saved up.

Do you have any recommendations on a wall deck that might be well-suited to Kara?


@seraphicreaper I will have to give avalanche a try.

I’ve been semi reluctant on enfeeble, but it would solve a particular problem I have had and maybe we all have, which is the ability for mid-late Lilithe to wall herself off which makes it particularly hard to, say, murder her face off.


I don’t have any myself, but if you were to go down that road, you have to consider how you win: your walls are better than Faie’s, but not by enough to make a huge difference because Enfeeble now exists. Additionally, you lack the ping-ping-ping that Faie can use against people locked in her walls; if you don’t develop stuff while your opponent is immobile, you’ll lose.

I’d say your winning options are then either Pandora, Jax, Aspect of the Mountains or Winter’s Wake with BBS. Dont overload on these, I’d take 3 of 1 and that’s all. Having lots of cheaper minions with good draw is useful for Kara more than other generals because of her BBS; it allows her to transition from a strong early game to her mid and late game. Also, be aware that minions with even HP values are better for her BBS than with odd HP values.


I tried doing the many cheaper thing with Kara and without pretty insane draw the deck would run out of steam and then I’d be either out-aggro’d by an aggro deck or left top decking with some other poor fool, chasing around the board until someone found a way to win.


I like to go with Golden Mantella. 5/3 and a battle pet is really nice imo. (I run 3.)


That’s a good idea. I tried Prismatic Illusionist and Firestarter for similar effects under the BBS, but it was ultimately too slow. It made neat little bombs for a little while, but I didn’t have enough spells to power the engine.


I second the opinion of Jax. Even without Razorback in the deck he can still be a nuisance. With BBS he doesn’t die to Skorn which is a huge gain against classes that rely on Skorn for AoE (sorry Vet).


Take 3 skorns w you instead of L’kian would help dealing w swarms :slight_smile:


I’ve been experimenting with Mara since the change to her BBS. Its my favorite general atm. mainly because she is underplayed and i like to create and use non- cookie cutter decks. Ive had alot of success since the latest expansion. focusing on multiple uses of her BBS to summon/buff minions using illusionist and firestarter. If i can get bastion in play it overwhelms the opponent very fast. I’ts not perfect and unless you can get the tempo early and maintain it YOU LOSE. simple as that

Also You need Get lucky and get your draw power in play asap


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