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Trials of Mythron - Mech Emporium and Compendium


Bumpy Bump

Also z0r is a cool minion that cycles, and happens to be another 2 drop, so it doesn’t really get too much in the way of the cards you want to play in a turn. It could potentially give you a really useful mech (such as Oakenheart for non-lyo, and Seismoid for late-game hand dump) and I think it could replace jammer in slower mech decks. It does have a problem that it doesn’t proc Metaltooth, and doesn’t have other mech synergies, although the turn 2 Mechaz0r without dumping 5 mechs out is pretty sweet.



Z0r is funny and early card draw is always nice.
Its non-Mech status means that he won’t be spawned by Deceptib0t (good for tutor focus!), advantageous compared to Replicant for early card draw in that situation… But if it gives you a crappy Mech, then it’s sad.


Z0r was a better option for Mech decks before the Vanguard expansion. With the original pool of mechs, its dying wish would usually get you a progress mech and had a not insignificant chance of pulling Mechaz0r itself, with Rexx as the only booby prize. After Vanguard, the pool of mechs has more than doubled, and fewer than half of them are progression mechs. This makes Z0r too high-variance to be played seriously anywhere.

If you’re looking to meme, though, one place I could see Z0r working is for Maehv, where it supplies card-neutral sacrifice fodder. Something like this:

Maehv MechaXor

This is worse than a normal Xor deck, and those aren’t exactly high-tier to begin with, but it at least has the potential for some funny interactions.


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