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Trials of Mythron - Mech Emporium and Compendium


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Also z0r is a cool minion that cycles, and happens to be another 2 drop, so it doesn’t really get too much in the way of the cards you want to play in a turn. It could potentially give you a really useful mech (such as Oakenheart for non-lyo, and Seismoid for late-game hand dump) and I think it could replace jammer in slower mech decks. It does have a problem that it doesn’t proc Metaltooth, and doesn’t have other mech synergies, although the turn 2 Mechaz0r without dumping 5 mechs out is pretty sweet.



Z0r is funny and early card draw is always nice.
Its non-Mech status means that he won’t be spawned by Deceptib0t (good for tutor focus!), advantageous compared to Replicant for early card draw in that situation… But if it gives you a crappy Mech, then it’s sad.

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Z0r was a better option for Mech decks before the Vanguard expansion. With the original pool of mechs, its dying wish would usually get you a progress mech and had a not insignificant chance of pulling Mechaz0r itself, with Rexx as the only booby prize. After Vanguard, the pool of mechs has more than doubled, and fewer than half of them are progression mechs. This makes Z0r too high-variance to be played seriously anywhere.

If you’re looking to meme, though, one place I could see Z0r working is for Maehv, where it supplies card-neutral sacrifice fodder. Something like this:

Maehv MechaXor

This is worse than a normal Xor deck, and those aren’t exactly high-tier to begin with, but it at least has the potential for some funny interactions.


This thread can be also found on the wiki.



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I get the feeling this thread should just die, it takes a bit of effort to test new decks, and I’m a bit too lazy to keep editing the post to reflect the ideas don’t really work so well, but are viable nonetheless in gold.


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I put some new material on Duelspot recently, including this post on DECEPTIB0T combo decks. It includes a few new lists, forcing DECEPTIB0T into previously untouched factions:

I don’t have too much to say about these; they’re mostly just piles of midrange goodstuff with the DB0T package thrown in, and haven’t undergone any extensive playtesting. The Abyssian list might be better with Cassyva and Nethermeld.

I also discovered that sadly, the Deathwatch keyword is not supported by S.I.L.V.E.R. Checking its wiki page after the fact, I see that neither is Zeal or Dying Wish, which is too bad. What confuses me, however, is that it claims that Rebirth is supported, even though there’s no way of granting a minion Rebirth. If anyone has any insight on this it would be appreciated.


Just recently deleted all of my decks on Duelspot, going to rebuild all of those from scratch and retest everything, hopefully there are a bit more different ways to play mechs in each faction.

Love all of the work you’ve done for tribe, and especially like the off-meta decks you’ve posted for each of them.

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This comes from the assumption that Abhorrent Unbirth and Silver use the same pool of allowed keywords, and Rebirth is passed to the Abomination in case you get a Rebirth minion somehow (i.e. with that 2 random keywords ElkOwl). Silver has no way to get it, though, in spite of the fact that it is technically allowed.


Great explanation!

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Thnx :slight_smile:


Zohan is up to his old tricks again. Here’s what I’ve been able to reconstruct of the latest version of his infinite Mechazor combo deck:

The goal is to Mirrorim a Kujata and then get four copies of it onto the board (with Mirkblood and Locke enabling the third and fourth copies to not die instantly). Once you’ve done so, drop a Rexx and complete your Mechaz0r build to fill the board with 0-cost Mechaz0rs. The combo has a lot of moving parts, but the insane amount of card draw in the deck means that it’s not as difficult to assemble as it may seem at first glance.

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