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Trials of Mythron - Mech Emporium and Compendium


I just think that Finality is often better than Lifeforce. But Lifeforce is 1 mana cheaper and offers a higher surprise factor. You can report your results with it :slight_smile:

But Rescue-RX is not great. Why not play some more mechs?


It needs healing, it could be Azure Herald, but… My robot theme. :pleading_face:


Aren’t Mechs the theme? If you need more healing you could replace the lifeforces? That would also lower the curve which is good for your Seismoid combo.


Haha, you say that as if Bounded Lifeforce wasn’t a healing spell. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(but you’re right, as usual)


I know you joked but sometimes Lifeforce will heal and save you but most of the times you play it for the 8 extra damage :slight_smile:

Restoring your health to 10 is often not enough to avoid the loss especially for that mana cost.


mandatory “fun and vaath” joke :joy:

it’s true though, finality isn’t just what it used to be. bounded just seems so much better



Although I have lost my urge to play the game and test decks :frowning:


Need to bump this again, and probably will add all the decks I’ve tested but never posted because they aren’t finalized yet.


Here’s a new fun deck, away from the Mechaz0r! archetype.

Use absurd amounts of ramp to play Deceptib0t and Echo Deliverant early enough to do their thing.
Also have a plan B with Lady Locke and Nasty Walls® (also named the @snowshot)
Flawless Reflection as an end game joker too.

Edited with Aspect of Shim’Zar as so cleverly highlighted by @phoinexflame


Why no Shimzar for the combo with Deceptib0t?


@rhacker93 built an Echo Deliverant / Deceptib0t deck for his patreons. Not sure if he already posted that deck publicly though.


I actually built a similar deck, and it truly is hilarious (while also being a hard-counter to Xor) when it works (and it usually does, except Vet exists).

Flawless reflection is pretty genius in being a great target for the Mechs, and works as an additional win-con with a lot of things. I personally would like to throw in Zuraels, and 1x Omega to revive everything that does get removed :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts on adding Thunderhorn/Sister to increase consistency?


Right about Zurael! I have one and I was thinking of removing an Aspect of the Mountains to include the wonder chicken. You can also remove one Flawless Reflection too.

Hearth Sister could also be a great addition, but I need to play the deck more to decide where she could fit.


Shootout to @deathsadvocate for his “Ghost in the Shell” deck. Did I mention it’s my favorite anime?

In this sequel we have Circulus & Frigid Corona for draw, Ilena and her fist for pinpoint removal, AOE with Frostburn.
Use good positioning and improvise your best burst damage finisher out of Spirit of the Wild and either Ghost Seraphim (7 mana), Cryonic Potential (8 mana), or Mechaz0r! itself.


Bump. Added some more decks to unfinalized and made some small edits to stuff

Just add spelljammer to everything and Mech decks will work.


yo have you considered aspect of drake? not sure if you need it, but it’s practically mass-flight for vanar. imagine 16 damage flapping down on that rando on the ladder


Interesting. I will think about it.


I’ve been trying my hand at budget decks, and this month was working with Mechs in a couple of factions. They’re mostly minor variations on decks already posted above, not quite as competitive but still good enough to win games. More importantly, they’re fun to play and have some interesting gimmicks.

Lyonar Mirror Mechs

Based off of Boronian’s suggestion above. This is the first deck in which I’ve felt that Mirrorim actually earns its slot. On its own it turns Replicant into a discount Endless Hunt, and combined with Lifestream it copies Mechaz0r directly into your action bar for great value.

Value Unbirth

This build is pretty all-in on the combo, but you don’t necessarily need to OTK since your rush minions can also serve as game-ending burst damage. This isn’t a mech-centric build, but a 2 mana 2/2 rush is a great card on its own in addition to supporting the combo, and is well worth the support it needs to function.


Did you post them on duelspot too? :slight_smile:

They look like fun decks!


Yeah, I should have mentioned that I gave these writeups on Duelspot: Lyonar, Abyssian.

They really are fun to play! In particular, Metaltooth is such a sweet card and makes me nostalgic for pre-nerf Tiger.