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Trials of Mythron - Mech Emporium and Compendium


No titan mech list. What a shame.


There’s already a perfectly good one listed in the initial post:

Seeing as there’s only three non-Mech, non-Titan slots, there’s no real need to post variations when the reader can just make appropriate tech choices themselves :slightly_smiling_face:


@alphacentury’s Mech Starhon is beautiful when it gets rolling.
I’m playing a joke variant to try and get the exponential Grow… Provoke is sometimes useful but very situational.

Homeostatic Rebuke is played either as a come-back card, or as a pseudo Rush (+Frenzy) on the turn you summon Mechaz0r.
I tried using Thumping wave as a control / burst spell instead, it’s a more specialized tool but easier to play if you often have backline units you want to keep.


Please don’t lock my thread if I’m still testing stuff


Only time will lock this thread if you forget.


Partly in the interests of keeping this thread alive, and mostly because I happened to hit S early this season, I’ve spent a little time trying out new cards in mechs at competitive levels and am ready to report on my findings.

Lifestream in Lyonar. Verdict: surprisingly good. Duelyst has very few tutors, and Lifestream is quite playable as an additional mech to increase Mechaz0r consistency.

Dusk Rigger in Songhai. Verdict: good! Reva mechs (with Xenkai Cannoneer) has been one of my pet decks for a while. Since it runs the Songhai positioning package of MDS and Jux already, it needs a few card advantage engines, and Rigger serves the role pretty well. It has synergies with the movement spells and gives the added potential for a 0 mana Mechaz0r on the Cannoneer combo turn.

Feralu in Vetruvian: Verdict: not great. I figured that if Feralu could work anywhere, it would be in Vetruvian, where it would buff not only all the mechs but also the random dervishes from Zirix’s BBS and removal spells. Sadly, it hasn’t been too successful. This is probably due more to Vet being a bad shell for Mechaz0r than to any specific deficit with the list, but is still disappointing.


Nice decks!

I’ve never tried out Lifestream in Lyonar yet, and it does seem like a great tutor, along with providing a way to preserve the board that Mechs desperately need.

Dusk Rigger has always been an auto-include for me in Songhai Mech decks because 5 damage backstab is already a lot, along with preserving hand-size that doubles as a Mechaz0r progression for S.I.L.V.E.R on 6, and Xenkai at 5.

Never tested Feralu before. Don’t have 3. Really don’t like its statline.

Thoughts on adding Spelljammer to Mech decks for needed draw for the 3 factions that need it? I’ve really been loving it so far, but would like greater input from the community.


I’m liking your posts already. What else do you want? :grin:


Since I recently crafted Rizen I decided that it would be a good time to revisit a Mech deck. To be honest I faced a Mech Starhorn featuring Rizen on the ladder and it was a hilarious loss for me (Abyssian swarm).

So how about this fun thing:

Early play testing seems to indicate that you need to be cautious with hand size, and only vomit it on the board if you see a clear advantage for the next turn in doing so. Keep some reserve otherwise.

Edit: @cookedpoo @alplod, I quickly tested more aggressive variant with Decispikes, and thought it was pretty good! The decklist is in Deathsadvocate’s thread for feedback.

Decks working exactly how they're supposed to

Lifestream plays well with Mechaz0r after using Mirrorrim on it.


Hey, it actually looks promising! But why Risen?


Promising? Yes. It actually feels pretty strong.
Rizen is a hilarious auto win lower in the ladder if people can’t handle it.
It’s otherwise a removal magnet and may increase the chances of Mechaz0r! sticking (theoretically).

To be frank, it’s mostly because I just crafted it and it makes me laugh. :grin: And I long for the moment where I can screenshot a Rizen flood buffed by the incredible Primal Relic. :crazy_face:

Edit: @alplod what would you put instead of Rizen? I would have a good feeling about Earth Sister Taygete personally, for another funny combo with Flash Reincarnation.


I would put more draw, probably. L’Kian for random fun? Spelljammer as a classic choice? Ruby Rifter for lulz?


You are the voice of reason.

Edit: Entropic Gaze for speed.


Yeah, I know. Boooooring… :rofl:


I think what I really meant was I wanted some advice, and that was an awful way to word that because I was in a rush.

I want Q4 Mech content :facepalm:


I was having fun with mechs today again, and for some reason kept running into favorable matchups which allowed me to jank out an undefeated record with these lists (admittedly, on a small sample size of games). Allow me to present: three flavors of Vanar Mechs.


Just a simple tempo list. I used to ladder a lot with something like this until half of the cards were nerfed, but it still has some power. Mark of Solitude may seem weird, but it’s surprisingly effective as a decent stat buff to any of the Mechaz0r pieces to allow for better early control of the board.


Ramp hard. Eventually you get to your big finishers + Reflection to turn any leftover walls into more big guys, and until then the extra mana helps you Kinetic Surge the Mechaz0r pieces. This list does have problems with hand size, though, so you’d better hope you draw your cards in the right order.


Use stuns and provokes to keep your board alive, closing out the game with a combination of mech beats and buffed walls. Fun story: the Razorback slot was originally Feralu, which I’m still trying to make work somewhere, until I made the unpleasant discovery that “Wall” is not a tribe.


has anyone considered zurael? it’s pretty awesome on silver especially if you have/had metaltooth on the board.


Theres a Zurael in this list, but the only reason I don’t run it more is it doesn’t revive tokens :frowning:
Pretty gimmicky to revive the right stuff, considering the best and most reliable target can’t be revived, and one player is probably dead by the time Zurael can get good S.I.L.V.E.R revives.


OK I believe this is starting to look like spam, but this is the last time I promise.

Another fun variant that I run since yesterday, with Vaath:

Adjust the numbers of Spelljammers, Rescue-RX and Bounded Lifeforces to your liking.

@boronian says it would be better with Saurian Finality, but I don’t have it.