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Transgender representation in Duelyst


I’m so happy how transgenders are representated in this game. Thank you CPG for being so inclusive and diverse! Just look at Rangora; he, or should I say she, is obviously transgender. The evidence is set in stone:

  • Rangora is a part of the Thirteen Aspects, whom are all males. However, Ragnora at her current states display feminine traits, implying she had undergone surgery to transition from male to female.

  • Ragnora is a feminine name! Names that end with the letter “a” are mostly feminine: Kara, Illena, Reva… Ragnora’s name before she became a transgender was probably Ragnoras or something along those lines.

  • She is capable of pregnancy! In fact, she’s so happy that she’s able to lay eggs that she just can’t stop doing it. I’m so happy for her!

(P.S. I just realized that the Ragnora MkII skin has a beard. CPG once said that skins can depict past/future forms of the Generals; perhaps Ragnora’s skin shows how she looked like back when she was male?)



you do know that males can’t get pregnant right?


What if he writes fanfiction?


You sure you read the post? :thonk:


Yes I did.

You sure you attended all of your biology classes?:sweat_smile:


It’s obviously a joke.


i was just trolling you :slight_smile:


This is a massive step for gender equality :smile::smile::smile:


I get along with the joking side of the thread, but there’s also some potential for another type of discussion here!

This could be a very good argument to be brought up to some game zine or any media dedicated to all genders and orientation’s expression, that can also give visibility and resonance to the game, stressing that the characters depicted represent different types of people, both binary and genderqueer.

Ragnora, Kara and Shidai in particular are very good example of how game characters can represent different types of gender expression and be in line with our time and the context in which we live in.

Duelyst is incredibly contemporary, with its pixel art, its fantasy+sci-fi appeal and its gender inclusivity: the game the world needs <3 .


Oh no.


Not sure about the queerness part which is probably just unintentional (and a fun meme in case of Ragnora), but the representation of women is actually nicely diverse in this game, and does not subject to the usual stupid narrow roles you most often see in games like this. These kinds of things can actually (when looked at on a larger scale) really make a difference.


It’s really nice how every single woman in this game looks like they can singlehandedly beat your ass. I’m no feminist but it’s quite refreshing.


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Maybe it is unintentional, but frankly when I look at Kara and Shidai it’s hard to not believe that some characters were designed to actually look more gender fluid; thus Ragnora being potentially a character of two or more genders doesn’t feel so absurd/memey after all :eyes: .

Even if in some cases they’re arguably slightly sexualized in their graphic representation (look at Faie’s titties :flushed:), I do agree that the female figures of this game are quite empowering and virtuous examples.

Overall it’s probably less striking because there has been already examples of empowering female videogame characters while not many (or not at all?) that suggest to be representative of the queer community.


Fixed it for you.