Transcendance, a Lyonar's Dream


So I was playing Duelyst when I had a striking realization. It’s great and all, but it doesn’t let me have those power trips I so love. Sure, minions are great, but I would much rather be an unkillable machine, slaughtering everything that stands in my way.

So I made a deck:

The goal is simple: hold down the early game with Lyonar’s superior minions, and run away with the late game. Grove Lion, Arclyte Regalia, Dawn’s Eye, even Sunforge Lancer are absolutely disgusting in any combination.

So, join me. Let us Transcend above lesser generals and become one with Duelyst.


Doesn’t Lightbender anti-synergize with every single one of your minions besides Tracer, Mystic, and Wisp, including your general? How do you use it when you have so few ways to safely deploy it?


Self dispelling is rarely an issue, but it can be clunky. You can use Shroud, but Lightbender is a personal choice.


I think fitting in some elyx’s would help with your gap closing concept tbh, not to mention the nice body it provides


I’m not sure Mr. Stormblade would appreciate you talking about his daughter like that.

But honestly, there is something to be said for swapping out Tracer for Elyx. I can imagine Afterblaze being good in this deck too (you wouldn’t need Solarius anymore and Sundrop Elixir is a good card, but I’m not sure you can maintain the necessary card advantage using (three of) it. Just some thoughts; I like the deck idea.


nice deck but umm how do u beat cassyva i.e spectral revenant back to back n obliterate


I have something kinda similar with Argeon, and if you are running this then you should definitely try out Emerald Rejuv. He stalls the game out longer for you to get more value out of your late game combo pieces. Also gives 2 Procs with Sunforge Lancer, which can be huuuuge. If I like running it in Argeon, then I think it definitely would have a place with Zirian


Immolate. Circle of Life. Sundrop Elixir. Large Provoke locking it down.

3x Revenant into Oblit isn’t as lethal as it sounds when you account for there being 30+ general heal in the deck, half of it stapled onto cards that Will kill a revenant. Also they can’t just drop kelaino on you, because if they do that, you can drop sunforge and use their kelaino against them. Zir’an is actually surprisingly one of the more difficult match-ups for Cassyva, because it has cards that make kelaino bad to play, demands frequently a lot more answers than you have, and has a solid enough amount of healing and answers to answer your stuff, and your ping becomes less permanent/relevant when they can just heal their minions out of ping range. Only real weakness here would arguably be lack of Martyrdom or the like to deal with larger threats, but that does slide a bit away from what the deck wants to do.


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