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Trach Maehv List

How good or bad is this that I created?

I checked out DA’s Maehv List and Miguel’s Abyssian Deckspace Thing for some inspiration on creating this. It’s very Death Wish based. Got a spicy seeming meme with Breath of the Unborn and lucky draws if I get Mechazoros from Nightmare Operant. The rest are all fairly obvious choices.

Trying to keep it somewhat budget with Deso being the only legendary (I don’t have any so rip my 105 spirit I have currently :P)

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It has deso and a ping to kill deso. I think you’re set.

I’m just messing with you, zyx seems like an odd choice for this deck, but other than that it looks pretty solid.

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2 suggestions: replace zyx with healing mystic
Replace shadowdancer with Grimes/Rot9m. Enjoy :grinning: If you find space for Variax and/or Reliquarrian, add them too!

I don’t think Shadowdancer, Lurking or Void Talon are optimal, but the list is fine except for Breath of the Unborn, which I’m not sure is necessary. But hey, who knows

There’s never enough Lurking Fear decks :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks very solid, I mirror the sentiment of replacing Zyx for healing mystic. Rest is good, particulary for semi budget.

Imho, 3 Void Hunter and 3 Nekomata is way to much for such a unreliable bodies. Even tho the idea is for them to die anyways, theres a ton of sources of 2 dmg that would reduce the value you get from those.

I’ve been playing a bit with Maehv and so far 3 SoD, 3 Deso and 2 Nekos have been enough for draw.

I’d replace Void Hunter for Cacophynos, that way you can deal with big minions alot easier. Then you could probably drop 1 necrotic sphere for another Lure. Having 3 Lures is great both as soft removal but also to increase the potential value from gnasher and cacophynos.

Zyx for healing mystic is a good change.

And I would also recommend EMP instead of Shadowdancer to deal with late game shenenigans.

I’ve tried to make Cacophynos work, and he’s just awkward. An effect that you want to use instantly (otherwise it’s super easy to play around), with a 3 mana worth of stats that gets wasted if you do. The 1 mana difference between him and Hunter is huge in this case.

With decent positioning you force a removal or if left unchecked can get pretty nice value. At the bare minimum its a great removal for Maehv at 5 mana for removal + a 4/4. Dark transformation would cost one more to get the same output, the benefit is that your target doesnt need to be close by. So in the end it might a matter of preference but Cacophynos offer more utility.

Void Hunder offers card draw, which the deck has plenty. If not Cacophynos I would recommend Sworn Avenger, which has great synergy with Maehv.

Lurking Fear lists need the draw, especially when the curve is as low as this list. Dark Trans is just bad value too most of the time so not much point in that comparison imo. I agree on the Avengers though, they’re always a good option for Maehv.

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