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[Tournament] Trials of the Seventh Sanctum #6


The sixth installation of our bi-weekly Trials of the Seventh Sanctum tournament kicks off this afternoon at 2pm Pacific Time. This is a two-day tournament with a Swiss Round qualifier and a Top 8 playoffs, in the “last man standing” Aestari format. Along with the standard sanctioned tournament prizes, the winner can claim the “Eurielle’s Chosen” title here on the forums.

There are still a few hours to sign up!

RGood and Qeltar will be casting our Swiss Bracket today about an hour after the tournament starts.

Feel free to message me or respond here if you have any questions.


I’d be in this for sure if you had posted it maybe a day in advance. Oh well.


Yeah, sorry for the late notice! I threw a post up on Reddit yesterday, but Qeltar kindly reminded me that not everybody hangs out there.


I’d love to participate, but sadly I got exams to prepare for. Anyway, I hope you guys have extreme fun with the tourney :slight_smile:


I’ll be there for sure

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