Tournament Format Ideas


So we have a good amount of competitive tournaments run by respected members in the community, but most of them are standard in format. I was just wondering if there is a desire amongst the members of this community,for tournaments with unique formats like bans, mana limitations, specific factions, etc. The inspiration for this post was from Firebat, a Hearthstone player who recently started a unique tournament scene dubbed “Batstone” which bends the generic deck building rules of hearthstone and got a lot of viewers (30k) which is higher than most other community tournaments run in Hearthstone.

Anyone have any ideas for formats or concerns regarding this idea?


i suppose the most obvious type would be an [insert faction here] champion tournament where everyone uses the same faction

a little cup tournament where you can only play cards that cost less than 5 mana.

1v1 duel tournament where you cannot use minions

army commander tournament where you have nothing BUT minions in your deck

flaming tournament where you build a deck around “fire” cards like phoenix fire or blaze hound or darkfire sacrifice

keyword tournament where you can only use minions with keywords (blast/frenzy/infiltrate/etc)

OTK tournament where you may not damage the enemy commander unless its lethal (they can still attack your minions to remove them)

swag tournament (aka money fight) prismatic cards only.

it would be interesting if we had different maps that could be set up before hand like one filled with neutral creep that damages both sides. or ones with gaps that could only be crossed with flying units


Oh I know, a one of everything tourney!

You can have only one copy of a card in your deck, any faction goes.

An example of this would be:

1x Nimbus
1x Aymara Healer
1xEphemeral Shroud

And so forth.


Ah, so many cool ideas.

I’d like a ‘golem’ format. I think it would be cool to learn positioning, tempo, board control and stuff.