Top eight Best Big (6+ mana) minions


During the the dev talk, the devs mentioned that they wanted more support the control archetype. As such, I expect some interesting large minions to come out. With that in mind, I want to talk about the best large minions in the game right now and explain why they are good. My definition of “Large minion” is any minion that has a base cost of 6 mana and more.

Honorable mentions: Mechaz0r, Red Synja, Grandmaster Zir, Bone Reaper, Jax Truesight, Khymera, Solarius, Silithar Elder

  1. Pandora

    This card is the go-to late-game snowball card. The 10hp is very very difficult for your opponent to remove by damage and even if dispelled, leaves two decent bodies. Unfortunately, this minion barely makes the list since it is too slow. By the time you want to play this, most popular decks already flipped the face damage switch. Still, this is the go-to minion factions looking to gain tempo in the lategame and remains the undisputed Queen of Gauntlet.

  2. Klaxon

    Klaxon is an interesting card. It, along with Aymara Healer, belongs to the exclusive club of dying wish-provokes. This means that this protects your general and wants to be destroyed at the same time. This greatly supports the slow creep archetype since it both advances creep generation and protects your precious life total at the same time. This has the potential to turn a game around, when used alongside Obliterate and Ghost Azalea.

  3. Vorpeal Reaver

    The poster child of “remove or die,” for now, at least, Vorpeal reaver is a threat that potentially end the game on the spot if unanswered. Vorpeal’s Celerity gives it 12 damage burst, with the potential of dealing a whole lot more with Deathfire Crescendo or Shadow Reflection. If you destroy the body, the six wraithlings are just as threatening. You can combo them with Deathfire Crescendo for tons of damage or convert them to health with Shadow dancer or Keliano. Unfortunately, while your opponent is most likely doomed if this is not dispelled, you will loose a ton of tempo and be left in a poor situation if this is dispel-removed.

  4. Aymara Healer

    Hello, old friend. Aymara healer has remained one of the best large minions for a while now. This is the best possible health and board regain tool. It creates a monstrous 10 health swing while also providing a body that trades very well with most aggressively stated minions. This has immediate impact with Provoke as well as game-turning potential if left unchecked. Unfortunately, this minion is quite weak to dispel based removal. Luckily, Vetruvian can lure out dispels with Obelisks and other dispel-or-die minions. However, many decks can still burst you down behind an Aymara.

  5. Grandmaster Zendo

    Hold the phone, did this guy just put Zendo above Aymara!? Before you start questioning my sanity, please read this explanation. When Zendo was first released, he(?) was mostly seen as a meme. However, as time went on, people started to realize how good this minion actually was, earning him a place in Spellhai on top of his namesake deck. This is due to his ability being a bit like a mixture between Provoke, Celerity, and Rush. It has pseudo provoke since it restricts the movement and attack of the enemy general. It has pseudo Celerity since, if it survives a turn, it can attack the enemy general twice, or make something else do it, using his ability. It has Pseudo Rush since it can make the enemy general attack something the turn he is played. Taken together, Zendo is like a twisted amalgamation of Spectral Revenant, Vorpeal Reaver, and Aymara Healer, taking elements of each and wrapping it all up in one neat description.

  6. Mandrake

    I might be cheating a bit with this one, but does mostly come out in the late game, and technically has a mana cost of more than 6. This minion avoids the main problem with large minions; the fact that you loose on tempo if they are removed. This minion usually costs less than two when if comes into play, making it excellent tempo, even favorable if your opponent burns removal on it.

  7. Spectral Revenant

    I had a tough time deciding between number two and number one, but Spectral revenant lost out just by a little bit. This minion has rush, making it gain value immediately. It can deal 6 damage to the enemy general and remain as a 6/4 with its deal 4 ability, which is pretty good. It can also take out an enemy minion and also push 4 damage, which is also pretty good. Due to the 4 damage ability, this minion leaves behind a very high damage potential body. After you play this, your opponent can either take a ton of damage trading for it, remove it with a spell, or desperately push for lethal. This means that, if you are relatively safe for lethal, you trade one card for at least 1 (usually two) of your opponents cards top of dealing a bunch of damage. The immediate impact and the value generating makes this minion extremely threatening.

  8. Serpenti

    All hail lord Serpenti!

ok, ok, I know that this meme is getting old:

Rejoice in the Rush always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

  • Makantians 4:4


Why is Serpenti a meme? Although I prefer Makantor, he looks like a playable card.


It’s not. Seriously.


Why? Because if he doesn’t get removed instantly, it’s him who is going to remove other minions


If I remember Correctly, about one and a half years ago, the Dev Kevin Holmes AKA Umbrella told the community that Serpenti is actually a great card. The community quickly latched on to this and now, everyone is saying that this card is insanely powerful.



Yeah, I know, I’m a lost case when it comes to evaluating cards


Very cool list! Although I disagree a bit with some of these picks. What about some of the 5 mana monsters such as…

Ironcliffe Guardian? I’d put him #3, as he has killed me more than any of those other fatties besides Mank & Revenant.

Same with Hammon - he is a beast and much more deadly than Zendo IMO, who I wouldn’t put in top ten.


I deliberately choose to only include minions with =< 6 mana. This is because player 2 can potentially play 5 drops on turn 2. If I didn’t, the list would be quite different


Oh look, the first two cards on the list are the ones that have the rush and ability to clear a minion(s) while dealing face damage and also leaving a body behind. What a coincidence :3


Yep, it feels pretty bad. The top three includes all of the rushes of that cost as well as a minion that does not even cost 6+ when it is played. This goes to show how many hard it is to get a viable expensive minion in this game


Not only that - but consider the gulf between those 2 rush minions and all the others.

It’s like there’s your #1, your #2… annnd everyone else is miles behind.


Um, excuse me but did you just assume that tampon bladeseeker his a guy? Have you seen those thighs? Plus zendo’s utility surpasses hamon’s in that the opponent is forced into tricky positioning or is pulled into attacking a minion that usually has a large attack value.


I’m quite sure it’s actually a girl. Looks like she’s pretty experienced with swords too. Heh. Sexual Innuendos, best innuendos.


Not to mention they are 2 of the several most complained about cards in the game. Hmm.


I can’t remember last time I’ve seen someone complaining about specrev and I find it extremely weird. I think I actually find it stronger than makantor, both in the vacuum and within the context of their factions. I guess people are so used to them that they don’t even notice it anymore.


Ohh, I do complain about it, it’s just it tends to kill one minion and while it’s certainly strong, I feel it doesn’t match up to makantor, at least certainly not in this meta.


Yep, Revenant and Makantor are really close in power. With Revenant, you are likely to trade 2 for one since, unlike Makantor, the general can not/ does not want to hit it to kill it. This means, if it dretroys with a creature, that player must use removal on it, trading two cards and 4 life for one 7 mana card.


Makkantor has the potential for really huge blow-outs if you don’t respect it, so it’s natural that it’s seen as more of a problem (most players never get past silver, after all).

I’m rather leery of having Mandrake and Makkantor on the list; while they technically fit in the category, Mandrake is a 0 mana card and Makkantor is more a boardclear than a big minion. I’d like to give a good shoutout to Bonereaper for being a better defensive card than Aymara and to Synja for being fun as hell to play.


1 Spectral revenat
2 Makantor Jesus
3 Aymara
4 Siltar elder
5 Jax truesight

This is my top 5. Specrev and Makantor because they are Always good. Aymara, Siltar elder and Jax because they are game ending minions unless you have an answer.