Top 5 best Shimzar cards?


What would you rank to be the top 5 Shimzar cards?

I’ll start:

  1. Ki Beholder - If this minion didn’t have the battlecry it will already be a much superior Widowmaker. But it does, and it provides a form of protection to ranged minions like Reva’s heartseekers that they never had in the past.

  2. Thumping Wave - I love it because it’s very versatile. Use it on your own weakling minions to trade and make it into a 3/3. Use it on the enemy big minion like void reaper to transform it into a useless battle pet. A removal and a trading card in one.

  3. Ghost Azalea - I think this is better than Obliterate as a finisher because it costs less mana and it doesn’t remove all your creeps. And it deals the same amount of damage to the enemy general.

  4. Inquisitor Kron - the new Archon, which was previously nerfed. 6/8 in stats with provoke for 5 mana is already good value. If you have aetherwalker that becomes 8/10 stats for 5 mana.

  5. Nimbus - best card in the set hands down. The worst that it will happen is that it gets removed or transformed, in which case they have one less removal spell to use. If it gets silenced it’s still a 3/8 body for 5. Otherwise at the very least you get 1-2 obelysks out, which produces dervishes that instantly destroy any minion. In which case that’s absurd value


Just a correction, it’s the obelysks themselves that have deathtouch, not the dervishes that spawn from them.

But it’s true, Nimbus is absurdly powerful.


Mostly agree, but I think Solaris ( the 6 mana 3/3 zeal: 2 extra cards end of turn) deserves a spot up there as well, for being such a draw engine even if it gets removed immediately


My personal top5:

  1. Ooz: This card is the reason why shadow creep deck are great , very solid body insanely good ability and it leave so much value behind.

  2. Gore: Remember when sarlac use to cost 2, well this is pretty close to this level of absurdity , this card is pretty amazing.

  3. Astral flood: Very underrated card , this card is basically a draw 3 for 3, good card in any vet deck and especially powerful in a swarm vet deck which I think will become quite popular. All the battle pets you can get from it are insanely good excepted Rae but guess what you can always replace it.

  4. Sphere of darkness: deals damage draw a card put shadow creep, denie mana tile , very cheap, this card does everything , the fact that sphere will probably see plays outside of creep deck it self explanatory

  5. Inquisitor Kron: The day this card has been spoiled I made a topic sayin’ this card is the best 5 drops in Duelyst , and everything I saw after that so confirmed it (did you know the token can get force-field:innocent: ?)


Lets start:

  1. Sunforge Lancer - I really like the push from CP for underused decks and Sunforge Lancer really gives Healyonar the aggresiv touch. Also i love the disign,especially the lance that has that polish from the Argeon MKII skin.

  2. Blood Baronette - Just a fun finisher tool …something that i missed in Abyssian…

  3. Kron - Who didt saw this one coming …no comment

  4. Spinecleaver - So cool,much awsome and you summon a totem for your ENEMY…when your enemy trys to remove it…that when you know they fucked up XD

  5. PAX - Best battlepet so far…help Portal Guardian and it is just value…also inner oasis… :stuck_out_tongue:


Are we playing the same game?


I really think SLO has to get on the list.
1-4 pet with provoke for 0… :slight_smile:


Hey he didt say wich kind of ,top’’… i ranked after disign of the effect…interesting ones but not all very good ones…


Mirror Meld, Inquisitor Kron, Ooz, Falcius, and Icy.


I can’t speak for a definitive top 5 given how little play I’ve seen of what I would consider the big hitters, but what I can say is 3 games into a hardly updated Vetruvian, Falcius is absolutely amazing.


gor is great. its a cheap suiciding sarlac. its even better in combonation with lurking fear. get 2 of those off and gor is free

  1. Nimbus
  2. Frostburn
  3. Pax
  4. Kron
  5. Onyx Jaguar


I really, really liked Vespyric Call. Now i can play Kara using Faie :smiling_imp:


Well he said “best” , if the list was actually dealing with my" favorite" card it would be very different ^^.



welp…what did we learn? KRON OP! NIMBUS OP!..


Don’t get me wrong I think nimbus is a very good card , but I don’t understand how people consider it OP I mean:
-It doesn’t have any immediate impact on the board
-It is still expensive
-It won’t leave value behind when removed by very simple removal like OBS,decay, egg morph, plasma storm dark transfo…

It is a good card but not OP by any means.


No love for Ironcliffe Heart? 4 mana 3/10 charge with provoke?


Dryad is sick, cool effect, beautiful art. I’m trying to build a Displacer deck with her atm :grinning:


But you give up a minion, and you have to have a minion


Getting rid of an injured minion and replacing it with a 3/10 with provoke doesn’t seem so bad.