Too many matches for daily quests?


In my opinion, the number of matches you have to do for daily quests is too high for casual-players, especially when you get quests for factions that are not your main. If you have a job and family, up to 8 matches per day (4 with two different factions) is just too much.
Another point is, that when you play ranked, you can’t play with your best faction(s) all the time, because sometimes you need to do your dailies with other factions.
I think 2 matches per faction would be totally sufficient as a daily.


On the one hand you are correct, on the other one can say that you don’t have to do all daily quests. I think it’s rather balanced, 8 matches is not that much and 4 for one daily quest takes very little time. 2 matches would be too casual in my opinion.


If you want a casual free to play card game which you can play for like 10 minutes a day and still keep up with getting all the ne eded cards, Duelyst isn’t for you. Hell, I don’t think there is any card game of the sort that is for you then. Some minimal time investment needs to be made.

Either way, you’re not forced to do quests. Welcome back quest exists for a reason. It is currently giving less gold than it usually does because they’re making some changed to gold earning in general but still. There are other quests which can be done in a single game too.

Let’s just wait to see what happens with what they’re working on, huh? Maybe it will improve the situation for you. But if it doesn’t, you can’t really blame them. Quests are an incentive of sort to play the game, or factions you usually don’t. It does nothing for them by making them piss easy.


U can concede on the fifth or sixth mana turn


Let’s not encourage that kind of behaviour…


‘I have very specific needs and want the game to be tailored for me’ - Jesus, i think we all understand that not everybody has an hour a day to play game, i sometimes do not either. But well, i just don’t do the quests then, nothing lost by that. If you don’t want to spend time, but want a big collection of cards, either play Yugioh Online (you start with a full colection) or spend money on Packs.


Did I say anything about free to play? I paid 25$ for Duelyst so far. And I was very unlucky with what I got for that money.

Of course I don’t have to do the dailies every day. But there are days where I have more time and there are days, where I have no time at all. And in the current situation, you can’t take the quests from one day to the next and do them at another time. In Heroes of the Storm for example, I get 1 quest per day and I can accumulate up to 3 quests before no new quests are added anymore. And there is a high chance, that I get quests that can both be done in the same matches. This kind of quests also exist in Duelyst as Assassin and Ultimate Aggressor, but the chance to get them is not that high. To be honest, that’s what I try at most days, to get those two quests or at least one of them, so I can play the factions I want and the amount of matches I want to.

Of course I want to try and play all the factions, but not in ranked matches. And unfortunately, that’s the only mode where you can complete the quests.

But nice to see the behaviour here. “Woah, someone says something negative about Duelyst! Kill him!” Can’t I just say my opinion without getting such a negative response from some people? I never said something about paying no money and neither did I say something that I want a big collection or even all the cards. I just want some minor progress without playing a game for hours per day. Right now, that’s barely possible. I would even spend more money on Orbs, but the risk is too high to get just a lot of nonsense. There are some commons that I got like 7 or 8 times, while there are others that I didn’t get even once.


No need to overreact and play the victim card. You did say you’re a grown man after all, you should know better.


That’s not true. Quests can also be completed in Gauntlet.

Well, the thing is, those Quests literally take you an hour per day to complete and net one Pack. Making the ingame money less time consuming to get would lessen the incentive for players to buy packs, which isn’t exactly in CPG best interest. I usually only do the Quests for a day and still have a pretty solid collection with most of the cards one needs for serious decks after 2 and a half months now.

Also, winning a lot gives you pretty decent rewards as well, so there’s that.


If you run aggro decks, concede on fifth mama turn, or run cards that deal damage to yourself, completing the quests go much more quickly. It takes me half an hour to forty five minutes to complete two faction quests


I dunno I think it’s pretty fair. You don’t even have to win the games(unlike other ccg games) just participate. I wouldn’t be conceding that won’t make you a better player. Learning how to win with a faction you don’t play much will help you when you face that faction on your main. I think once the game goes mobile it will be a lot easier you can play play a couple games On your lunch break at work :slight_smile:


I think the amount of games is ok. Specially as you are not required to win them. It is frustrating to be on a losing streak when you are just trying to complete the quests.

I think the goal of the quests is to populate the matchmaker and I think they are doing their job well enough.

About the rewards, ultimately it is CPG’s decision to balance the amount of gold distributed. So, even if you made them easier to complete, it is likely that they would end up giving less rewards.

It is valid to discuss the model though…


This game is already much more generous than others of the genre because you only have to attempt games, not complete them. I think the current setup is more than fair, personally.


The number of games can be a chore, but really nothing in life is free. F2P games currency is their player base, so having us play a certain number of games a day keeps the number of actives up for a longer stretch of the day. The quests can also be cycled and you could get either of the one and dones. Finally, losing rank for quests doesn’t need to happen with gauntlet going everyday. You can use that for the quests. Sure, you have to have a base amount of gold to enter, but as long as you do well you can break even or better.


My advice: don’t feel obligated to do the quests, you don’t need another job :wink:
I can usually do all the quests since this is about the only game I’m currently playing regularly, sometimes life gets in the way but that happens with every game.
Overall I think the quests are perfectly fair (you don’t even have to win!) and playing just the matches needed for the quests usually nets you one pack a day, that’s pretty fantastic as far as TCGs are concerned I think.


If they would put a casual mode like in Hearthstone, this wouldn’t be a problem in the slightest.


I think the answer is already in your sentence.

You’re playing casually ?
No problem, just don’t be ashamed to act casual and assume it.
Not being able to do as much as more active players is the direct consequence of playing casual.

Casual playing -> just do one faction quest and the 5gold daily, it’s normal, it’s casual.
More intense player -> do all the quests, some ladder and gauntlet.

You cannot act casually and request the same rewards as someone who play twice (or more) your time.

The hardest part at being a casual is to totally assume this playstyle choice and not envy more active players :wink:

(side note : I consider myself as casual)


Though they are 8 matches, and yes, thats kinda big, they are TOTAL. I mean in HS for example, you have to actually win the games to finish dailies, and sometimes that doesnt even happen, not even saying that you get 1 quests that can be replaced 1 time per day; here you get 2 that can be replaced. So i think its cool, because you have more chances to get quests you like, they are pretty easy to do and the gold they give is fine.

Sometimes its annoying yes, but the amount of gold they give you in game is big enough, so making the dailies easier would make the game reaaaally casual in my opinion.


@polinchi in HS they added a ton of new quests, it’s not necessary to WIN now. It’s much much better than Duelyst at this point.

@raqyee regarding 10 mins/day on a casual game - incorrect. I save 3 quests for HS, for 3 days. After those 3 days, I play ~20-25 mins and complete all of them, then move on.

I stand with Kratos88 here. We need more quests, and more quest spots - and to lower the limits on minimum play times. I lost a game in 4 turns vs a vanar that summoned 2x the 2/3 then 12 walls… and it didn’t count as a played game for the quests. Imagine my dissatisfaction.

Truth is that I play Duelyst about once / 3 days and since most of my friends have quit due to the daily quest need, I am considering it as well. No matter what anybody says - many players are leaving because of it, so it needs changing.


I disagree with that. We don’t have the numbers, it’s pure speculation from you.
We don’t know how many are leaving because of “daily quest issue”.
We don’t know how many are joining Duelyst everyday.
We don’t know the conversion rate among those that are joining.

Let’s stop conjecture on topics we have no actual data about.
When it comes to numbers, I think you can speak for yourself, and that’s all.