Today's metagame: who called it?!


Hello everyone!

A while back, when the new expansion had just been released, I had posted a thread asking you to make predictions for how the meta would form, mainly which decks would be seen the most.

I’ll tell you about my predictions to get started.

What I predicted correctly

I did expect Starhorn to rise to power, and that Argeon would continue to be a strong general. Cassyva is also about as strong as I expected. Kara is unloved :frowning: and the Vetruvian Imperium still didn’t quite meet people’s expectations.


Reva is not seen nearly as much as I expected. I suppose she didn’t get many new toys. I had no idea how impactful Variax was going to be for Lilitthe given the speed of most other decks. And Faie’s play style took a complete 180. I guess I kinda expected some slower Faie decks to emerge, but it was pretty hard for me to believe they would be more popular than the aggro variants I had seen for so many seasons.

Sooooo, who called it? Who predicted how today’s meta would form? Or, how wrong were you able to be? Let the community know, or forever hold your peace!


I wouldn’t say that Starhorn really “rose”…It’s moreso the mechanic that he’s suppose to support. Vaath works just as well, if not better, than Starhorn at playing his own game due to the general power that Vaath’s BBS brings.


Fair enough. Starhorn is certainly stronger now than back in Shim’Zar if nothing else. But yeah, Vaath has the same tools.


Can’t remember what I guessed exactly but it should be in a topic somewhere. It was something to do with guessing what the meta would be post expansion. I did say Magmar would rise and Vet would remain bottom if I remember correctly, but someone should link that topic to here if their find it.


I did know that aggro magmar was gonna be a thing and that vet would get the short end of the stick (although one could argue that songhai got the worst set of cards in RoB)

I thought aggro vanar would be bigger than it is tho and I did expect argeon to be strong but not king of the yard


Starhorn had his time until people realized Vaath could do the exact same things better.


I was completely wrong (as ever :joy:) in saying that Tectonic Spikes will not work.
And I didn’t expect Aggro Faie that strong.
First I thought Entropic Gaze is way too OP but as we see now there are really other threads people are complaining about (for reasons).

I really ask myself how (and if) the Devs will slow down the Meta anytime in the future…


I’m pretty sure I called the whole Magmar will get card-draw and Starhorn will rise and then fall because Vaath could do it better.
I was correct in assesing Vanar would be a pain with their new cloak.
I thought Lyonar would be much stronger with their new cards though.


I wrote this piece (do note it was before the last few cards were revealed, such as Entropic Gaze), and well, I predicted both the rise of AggroMar, and that the so-called “control” cards Vanar received would find a warm home in aggro lists.

I don’t see anything I was wrong about.


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