Today's daily challenge (16.09.08) - do I get it right?

Screenshot of the challenge

Cards in play


  • Kujata
  • Phalanxar
  • Starhorn The Seeker
  • Grimrock
  • Veteran Silithar


  • Wraithling (Supreme Wraithling) x3
  • Lilithe Blightchaser
  • Shadowdancer

On hand:

  • Twin Fang
  • Primordial Gazer
  • Greater Fortitude
  • Dampening Wave

I solved the challenge as usual, but what surprised me is that I had an unused card left at the end, though as far as I remember all previous challenges had all cards used. Maybe I solved it in some other way?

How I did it:
Starhorn equips Fang.
Phalanxar moves 2 spaces forward, in front of Starhorn, attacks Wraithling in front of himself (Starhorn to 8/4, Lilithe to 2/11).
Starhorn moves 2 spaces forward, in front of Lilithe, deploys Gazer, buffs Grimrock (Starhorn to 10/4).
Starhorn attacks Lilithe (Starhorn to 2/2, Lilithe to 2/1).
Grimrock moves diagonally down, behind Starhorn, lower Wraithling gets Dampened, Grimrock attacks Wraithling (Starhorn to 2/1, Lilithe to 2/2).
Veteran moves 2 spaces forward, attacks Lilithe.
Greater Fortitude is left unused.


You actually don’t even need to Dampen the Wraithling; you can succeed with both Dampening Wave and Greater Fortitude unused. I’m pretty certain that’s not the “intended” solution, but it’s definitely the best one. :slight_smile: