Today's Challenge Was Awesome :)



Today is 9/28/2016 and I was pleasantly surprised by the difficulty of today’s challenge! Way to go whoever created it!

If you have questions on how to beat it, hit me up! I’ll be on the forums today.

However, only 5g reward for beating it!!! C’mon!?!? Heh jk this game has pretty sweet rewards everywhere else.

Good Luck!


Agreed, this was one of the harder ones. Spent 15 minutes on it before I finally realized how to get that extra damage point off :slight_smile:


Obscure, counterintuitive and tons of fun!:grin:


I do enjoy the red herrings in recent dailies, like the one with the azurite lion & ironcliffe heart.


Almost didn’t figure it out for awhile, but once I tried not to over think it and come back with a slightly different perspective I got it.


can you guys post a hint? i can’t figure it out for the life of me. i’m always 1 damage short


nvm, just figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, good job! It’s a tricky one.


yeah, and to think, the solution is so simple. as a hint to other players. changing the position of your units by one space can get enough damage through