Today's challenge bugged (killed both generals, then got stuck)



Today’s 5g challenge. I killed both generals and the challenge got stuck. When I clicked the faded grey ‘restart turn’ the ‘try again’ pop-up didn’t work, I had to use Esc to leave.

I think the enemy had 10hp when I used Avalanche which killed my general, but I also queued an attack with my Sworn Avenger to destroy their general. I believe it assumed I had won, but got stuck when I died instead.

Operating System: / Game Client: /System Specs:

Windows 10, Chrome browser, i5.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play today’s challenge.
  2. Attack all 3 enemies with frenzy unit.
  3. Move the enemy general towards your general.
  4. Attack their general with your Manaforger and your general.
  5. Cast your bloodborn (2 damage to all enemies).
  6. Move the lowest enemy to another space (on your side).
  • You might need to start queuing moves.
  1. Move your Sworn Avenger to the middle column (away from your starting side).
  2. Cast Avalanche.
  3. Attack enemy general with Sworn Avenger.