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Today’s daily challenge (16.11.01) - do I get it right, or how to get General to 1k damage

Screenshot of the challenge

Cards in play


  • Vaath The Immortal
  • Kujata
  • Sand Burrower


  • Scioness Sajj
  • Whistling Blade
  • Swamp Entangler

On hand:

  • Natural Selection
  • Fractal Replication
  • Flash Reincarnation
  • Blistering Skorn

IDK if it’s intended, but in this challenge it’s possible to unlimitedly increase General’s damage. Also, 1 card (Flash Reincarnation) is not needed and is left unused.

  1. Sand Burrower attacks Swamp Entangler;
  2. Kujata is Fractal Replicated (up & down);
  3. Blistering Skorn summoned on Mana Spring;
  4. Sand Burrower returns to action bar.

At this point, 2 mana is left for Natural Selection for Whistling Blade and Sand Burrower has 0 mana cost. When summoned, he survives 3 damage from Kujatas, returns to action bar and can be summoned again for free. This away I got General to 1k damage (on screenshot).
Funny thing is that though somewhat hard, this can be replicated in a regular game.
Also, I think it’s a bug that Sand Burrower returns to action bar before he gets to collect Mana Spring.


I think that the Sand Burrower returns to your hand because of the way the card text is worded.

It returns you your hand upon taking damage, and Kujata deals 1 damage while summoning it. The damage is coded before the summoning is completed so it returns before it actually claims the mana tile. These types of things are not really bugs, but mostly likely unintended interactions between cards.


Yea, I did the same thing in this challenge and thought: oh mah gawd, sand burrower hidden op pls nerf.

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