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Titan BBS fun deck

It’s the start of the season and you need something fun to fight the lower ladder in style.

Titan Arcanyst! Well not full throttle but a balanced and reasonable version.

  • Low curve for swarmy presence
  • Crypto+Mentor combo ensure you’ll put sufficient pressure with angry weenies
  • Arclyte Sentinel and Sunset Paragon removal package, completed by
  • Syvrel the Exile, buff target extraordinaire
  • MORE SPELLS! with Mindwarper, Loremaster and Sister.
  • Terrific top end with Grimes followed by Titan

Never forget to replace the spells you don’t want! :yum:

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I enjoy this answer A LOT, but I’m afraid to put a :heart: in case it pushes a noob to follow this “advice”. :smiley:


Obviously it was a trap. I hoped the emoji was sufficient to steer away from it.


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