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Tips on running Ramp Vanar?

I thought it was about time I started my second faction, and I chose cancer Vanar. I managed to save some spirit and made Deathsadvocate’s Ramp Vanar deck. (Thanks for the deck, by the way.) The only change I made was to replace the Capricious Marauders with Blue Counjourers because I happened to already own 2 of them.

It seems like a pretty solid deck, but I’m afraid that I’m not an experienced pilot. My first hand is filled with EMPs and Spirit of the Wilds, and I draw Mana Deathgrip only during the late game. Either way, something tells me that I’m doing something wrong with this deck. With that, may I have some general tips on running Ramp Vanar, or just Vanar in general? Thanks! :smiley:

Damn, with 8x 2-drop minions you should regularly be able to play something on T1.
And with 3x MDG and 3xAoShim, you should be even more confortable as P2T1 :confused:
Keep trying, it’s just some bad luck.

I’m checking the deck out and first game (after replacing) I hada wisp, shivers, and deathgrip. You’re getting really unlucky.

Edit: Second game I had those before replacing. You’re getting unlucky.

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Well Marauder is only a rare so quite cheap to make, hes a huge powerhouse for the deck and will win a lot of games for you. Conjuerer is never a bad card, but I don’t really like it, and the deck really doesn’t need more card advantage.

The lack of ramp and t1 plays is purely bad luck, the entire decks point is I packed so much in it should be near impossible not to open with some forum of ramp. There were some tips in my write up for the deck (make sure you checked the long description) I will try to list a few more specifics:

Early I only try to keep one fat minion in hand and replace the rest, I also always try to keep one Spirit unless I feel like I am pinned on my side of the board, something you should actively avoid. Ghost is still our favorite big minion and is our default choice for the one to hold onto, but situationally the others are better like Maurder for early game, or EMP in the right match up. Try to avoid using aspect unless you can combo it with thunderhorn, the deck has tons of removal so it can be avoided unless its a last resort, similar with thunderhon your better off ramping or cleaning the board then using him for a turn two play since they are best as part of the combo.

Also make sure you check my master thread for the latest versions of my decks and their write ups:

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I’m not very experienced with Vanar, having only started a few days ago, but Ramp Vanar specifically aims to create a high mana ceiling early while maintaining board control and pull out really big drops early. The big problem with many beginner Ramp Vanar players (like yours truly) is that you pump out cards so fast due to the high mana ceiling you get so early you lose steam. INSTANTLY.

The key to playing Ramp Vanar is knowing the power spikes in mana, and playing well around them while using the bare minimum to clear the board. You normally have to close out the game by turns 6-7 because by then the other guy has thrown out his big drops as well, and suddenly you pulling out a Ghost Seraphim doesn’t feel so special.

The strength of this deck is the ability to play big minions like Ghost Seraphim as early as turn 3. Use that to your advantage, don’t look for big combos, just control your opponent’s moves, keep a high value threat on the board as much as possible and you should be able to pressure the other guy out of the game

(P.S I need some help with Burn Vanar, and how to properly pilot it since I’m new to Vanar)

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Heyyy! Vanar ain’t cancer!

Why does your deck not run fidgrid corona?

Its a great card, but there just was not room in the deck. I am pretty much running Cryogensis over it. I have tried skipping the cryo/shiver package in favor corona/filling in 2x/adding something else, but I regretted it.

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I guess that makes sense, I am more used to a more slower version after all.

I’m running marauders and never seem to get a chance to play it. I agree conjurer doesn’t fit, I’m thinking of displacer, rhino, draugar lord, or draugar eyolith.

That seems odd to me, your t1 plays should be long dead by t2/3, leaving you with an empty board, and as long as you followed my advice on keeping the field clear rather then trying to play thunderhorn outside of its combo, you should almost always have the opportunity to play Marauder. Then if it lives for a turn you can either spirit, follow it up with an emp, or go back to focusing on control.

For me, Marauder was more of a card to swing tempo. I didn’t find that i played it every game, but when I did, it was able to swing the game in my favor, unless the other guy had good removal.

Maybe it’s because I’m playing in low ranks, but I’m enjoying Blue Conjurer just fine. Unless I draw something horrible like a Nocturne, the Arcanysts proved to be very powerful when paired with Ghost Seraphim. Firestarters have often been solid win-cons, and once I got to RNG yet another Ghost Seraphim.

I’ve run into a lot of spellhai today. They mostly run away from my minions and use teleportation effects to get their minions to me, so I’m finding displacer’s airdrop useful. (I’m currently rank 10, I usually end up 4-5 by the end of the month. Maybe the meta is different where you are.)

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