Tips for Efficient Gold Spending/Gauntlet Tips?


Hi everyone! Just started playing in early-mid December, been lurking a lot trying to get tips for deck-building. I got the Bloodborn expansion, and have been splitting most of my gold income between Gauntlet runs and buying Shim’zar orbs (since I usually get a Spirit Orb for the Gauntlet run). But two things: 1) I’m terrible at Gauntlet runs, my best is 4 wins; and 2) is this a useful way to spend my gold? Should I focus entirely on Gauntlet runs, or entirely on purchasing orbs?

Any and all tips would be appreciated!

  1. It’s best to buy core orbs over Shim’zar orbs, they have a higher drop rates and more important cards. Four wins in gauntlet is approximately worth it, so continuing in gauntlet is worth it, especially since you’ll get better and get more wins.


In gauntlet if you reach 7 wins they give you a “ticket” for another free gauntlet :3

It’s definitely worth it to continue playing it when you can.

On the gold management: if you are new really depends on what faction you want to play, for example Variax (abyssian new grandmaster) alone allows to build “strong” budget deck (so focus on rise of bloodborne)
while Songhai deck don’t really need cards from the expansion (in this case better core orbs).

(Can you tell us your main faction? It makes it easier to help :wink:)


I climbed to rank 5 last season with a Variax Wraithling spam deck, mostly lucky with my drops to get some of the cards that run that engine. I also use a mecha Magmar deck that I put together on a tight budget, and it works okay. I’ll post the deck lists later today.

What I’d like to focus on next is Vetruvian. I really want to build an artifact Vetruvian deck, but the cards are pretty expensive and I have very few of them to begin with. I am also interested in building a Battle Pets deck but that is just for the lols, don’t even know which faction I’d use for that.

Thanks for your help! :smiley:


I’d totally play more Vet if it wasn’t so insanely expensive…

Starhorn has some dope battle pet decks, Pokemaster Starhorn was popular for a while.


Spend your Gold to Gauntlet :slight_smile: you get an orb at least, then some extra gold and spirit. Watch more Replay to see how all the cards work, and how to position your army right, you’ll do better in Gauntlet. This game mode seems fair and fun. With some more luck, you can get to choose some strong epic and legendary cards there, to lengthen your run more.


I would recommend investing in either gauntlet (for gold/spirit/core or shimzar orb) or getting the entire rise of the bloodborne set. While they cost an extra 200 (meaning that you will typically get 1 orb every 3 days off quests), they guarantee x3 non disenchanting copies of 1 common, 1 rare, and either 1 epic spell or 1 legendary minion (for a total of 9 cards). It takes 3900 gold, or 13 orbs, to complete the set (requiring around 39 days off play). However, the majority of the card in the expansion are extremely powerful in most decks (exception being Songhai to an extent) and great to help new players improve their decks.

If you can consistently get 7+ wins in gentler however (where you get a gauntlet key and can do another run for free), than I would say focus on gauntlet so that you get gold to complete the bloodborne set, and then focus on getting the majority of the core set (if there are shimzar cards that you need, you can always craft them, unlike the bloodborne set).


The most expensive archetypes are the ones that really are not that good, like starhorn’s drawing one (not speaking about the decimus burn variation), Ziran’s healing cause it mostly consist of epics and Sajj’s artifact deck mostly built around legendaries in that deck and epics. I would say to avoid crafting these cause your just gonna end up feeling bad


Thanks for the advice!


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