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Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?


I always thought wind slicer was pretty viable as it really pushes tempo.


It’s rarely played, but played. That’s why I don’t call it a piece of crap, just say that it’s kinda worse.

Still there’s only 6 obelisks in the list, so it’s even worse.


too many one offs.


As mentioned there are too many 1-ofs and that will hurt the deck’s consistency. I’d scrap the Fate Watchers, Slicer, Scarab, Astral Phasing, Inner Oasis and Dominate Will. Get more copies of Fireblaze Obelysks as they are the cornerstone of any Obelysk deck. 1 more copy of First Wish and making Whisper of the Sands a 2 or 3-of will help a lot too.

I would also ditch Nemesis and Primus and if possible get a couple more Allomancers and Sandswirl Readers. Allomancer gives great value and is great for an Obelysk deck.

Overall your choice of cards are actually very good, there just happens to be a bit too much going on and so the deck lacks consistency.


Not really much to add from my end, main thing is too main 1 of’s which everyone has pointed out. Based off the deck you posted and cards that you are likely to have, I would tidy it up to something like this (view deck below) as a start and refine it the more you play by changing cards. But I haven’t played Obelysk Vet in a while so it may not be a great deck. Have a look through this (The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread) as it may help or give you ideas for your Vet deck later on.


Cut the scarab, shrikes, the allomancer, the fate watcher, and dark nemesis. Add another lava storm obelysk, 2 more fireblaze obelysks, 2 more whisper of the sands, and another blood of air.


If it helps, that’s what I have, it’s called “Purelysk” :


I used it for most of my “efficient” grind from Silver to Diamond before IV expansion.

I haven’t updated it since the release* but just played it tonight to do the Vet daily quest and went 4 wins versus IV updated decks (in Diamond 5/4).

* on the other hand, after a few thought, even LitDesert didn’t appeal me so I kept it as is, if some of you have bright ideas for an IV update … (not convinced by Gust either).

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Gust is awesome, really recommend you try it :slight_smile:

LiD is nice, but not really that necessary, you can as fine without it as with it. Aside from gust, your list looks fine and ready for what we’ve seen from IV. (except maybe vaath but he’s always been trouble)


But what would you replace ?
-1xDune, -1xWind, +2xGust ?


To be honest I’m not really fond of Fault so I’d swap them, but that’s just me.

If you want to keep them in, you can swap 1 reassemble and 1 allomancer, since you’d still have a nice balance of 4 drops and reassemble isn’t that good in the meta right now (dispel is not that common and I’m not facing many abyssians to worry about repositioning effects)

Also, is it just me or mirage has lost a lot of good targets recently? The only one I can see is Makantor and the card becomes mostly a dead draw in other Match-ups


I’m having fun with lost in the desert. Figuring out what to kill to maximize your damage and deciding if it’s worth it is a fun problem to solve.


Hell’ I won’t do that, it’s a major wincon.

Just check these 4 last matches I was talking above and imagine it without Fault or Mirage :slight_smile:
Yeah, you can beat Ragnora and recover from several chained board wipes :stuck_out_tongue:

A few target I like :

  • any Rush minion, ofc (some bots are Rushing a lot these days)
  • Mechaz0r or any Forcefield
  • Drogon
  • Juggernaut
  • Shadowdancer
  • opponent’s Fire Obelysk :wink:
  • 4WindMagi

From IV, I’d love to use it on opponent’s …

  • Gust
  • Prominence
  • Moonrider
  • Armada
  • Hydrogarm
  • Mentor


The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread
The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread
The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread

I’ll be sure to check on your replays, to he honest I haven’t been able to get many wins with obelysk vet in this meta. Maybe I’m in a really bad luck streak or I just haven’t adjusted the playstyle I developed to the new cards.

I’m just talking how it has been for me: gust is great, mirage has been lackluster.

I’ll give your advices a try then


Adding this one I just did, very short match, Mirage changed everything vs. aggro Vaath (I guess it was aggro, was too quick to be sure), conceded on T6.


Mirage is a very nice card, just be creative :stuck_out_tongue:

The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread

Zirix Obelysk done very wrong…

Here’s my listing!

I did forget to add the Blood of Air and decay, but at this point, you should be ok with the board wipe…


I’m not specialist (but have a few Vet matches behind me) but you really manage to play (and find useful) Circle of Desiccation ? Really ?!

I was slighly ashamed to propose a 8K2 Spirit deck to a Silver player but seriously … almost 13K … I’m doubting :frowning:


I run Circle because in the heat of battle, IF I manage to get to 8 mana with a field not to my liking, I’ll pull the switch and put the board in my favor. Circle carried me into a good streak a month ago and I will find a use for it if I’m not going Aggro.


Impressive, always found it super expensive and very inefficient, most of the time a dead card in late game that rarely gives tempo switch :frowning:

Nice to see it’s still played and useful this season.
(I still advice a Silver starting player to NOT spend 1800K to craft 2 of this)


I actually got two from pack


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