Tips for a returning player


I’d been playing magmar for a while and now I have a lot of spirit and the will to prove one of the new decks, should I try a hatefurnace deck or grow?


Deci spikes package with hatefurnace for the wins


Don’t know about the decimus part but the hate engine is truth.


It ahould be the other way around man.
Deci spikes makes the magmar world go round


I’ve been spectating a couple of games and I don’t feel it consistent enought, maybe they’re using bad decks? or it’s just my impression?


It’s just your impression… This deck is pretty consistent to say the least.

BTW, his text is misleading!


Traditional midrange Vaath is still good.


Dont trust flygon, he plays mali so his opinion is always invalid xd.

And yeah, deci spikes is really consistent, not too expensive to pull off the combo (even more so with flash) and its only two cards


I think the real thing is that I still play Vanar, Faie is still P-Good.


You really should label this thread as “Tips for a returning Magmar player.” It’d help get the Magmar mains in


Just do this @kirabi


Heh, you can’t hide special characters my friend


Grow is bad, and Hatefurnace just got nerfed, so the judges are kinda out on that one maybe?

But this works.

Anti Draw Starhorn: Highly Competitive

When you said you have a lot of spirit, I hope you meant it.


promotion* @deathsadvocate


Yeah, I can craft that deck, works good?

What about keeper vaath? it’s viable?


Sorry I never got back to you, not on the forum quite as much recently. I actually have no idea how good keeper Vaath is. Hey, if anyone reads this and happens to know, @daylock wants to hear about it.

I do know that Vaath plus golems plus removal plus healing works pretty dang well, and is also really easy to play.


Keeper Vaath is still pstrong but it is not easy to play. It is the type of deck that if you open a few specific cards you kinda just win.


Don’t worry, I still looking the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing midrange vaath for a while and for me it’s the most viable archetype but I find it somewhat repetitive. Thank you very much for all the info that you gave me :smiley:


So, I need a couple of big minions in my hand and 1-2 keepers…If I don’t find any keeper i’m in disavantage, I’m right?


No, if you open Flash Sunsteel you win. Seeing Keeper is uneeded to win.