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Shiny new tier list here


Everyone’s been waiting for this for a while now, so I’m happy to announce that the Bagoum Tier List has been updated for the Bloodborn expansion!

The biggest change you’ll notice is that there are a lot fewer archetypes listed. This is for two reasons. First, there were way too many archetypes and a lot of them weren’t unique enough to justify having their own entries. Second, the speeding up of the meta dictated by Burn Magmar has erased a lot of slower decks from the meta, and Variax Lilithe simply cuts off all archetypes slower than it from possibly being viable.

The top of the tier list is Burn Magmar and Tempo Argeon; some people have claimed that Burn Magmar is actually “trash tier”, but I think I speak for most players I’ve talked to in saying that Burn Magmar is ridiculously strong. The biggest question about the archetype is whether Drogon-Vaath or Decimus-Starhorn is a better pairing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, a lot of archetypes have been merged-- read more about this on the updates section.

A lot of the newer decklists are fairly unrefined, so I’m hoping to make an update within the next week or two concerning power level tweaks based on archetype optimization.

In other news-- the tier list will be seeing some new features in the near future! Look forward to it!


[details=Community Expansion Rankings announcement]BagoumPwn Community Compendium here

Have you been solicited by a melon-wielding cat in the past three weeks to fill out a survey about new expansion cards’ power levels? Well, this was why! :stuck_out_tongue:

tundranocaps and I have been looking to create a community-based analysis of expansion card power levels for some time. While it was regretful that we could not conduct pre-expansion polls on all the cards that were released day-of, we were able to gather enough data to compile numbers on all of the cards in the expansion.

If you’re from Hearthstone, this kind of community-sourced card ranking might look a bit familiar :stuck_out_tongue: Note that as these rankings are entirely community-sourced, neither I nor tundra were the ones deciding card scores; it was the community’s decision :smiley:

As we flesh out a better idea of what these community rankings should look like, we’ll change the way we approach this for the next expansion. Hopefully, we will be able to more thoroughly integrate card ratings into the website when the next expansion comes out several months from now.

Overall, this expansion seems to have been quite powerful (the lowest score a card got was 39/100 for a strictly worse version of an almost unplayed card) with a lot of cards that raise questions about the direction of the meta. Maybe there’ll be an article on this soon…

Anyways, new tier list is scheduled for tomorrow! Within the next week, we’ll also be adding some fancy features to the tier list… Look forward to it!

Thanks again to tundranocaps for running all the polls to get this data!



[details=Deckbuilding with unreleased cards announcement] Deckbuilder with Zephyr, Punish, Excelsious, and all the good stuff here


A lot of us are really excited to experiment with the new expansion cards. Some of us are already planning new deck archetypes and builds focused on incorporating the new cards and their features.

However, it was never possible for us to actually build and share decks with unreleased cards. That is, until today!

I am incredibly happy to announce that the Bagoum deckbuilder now allows you to add the currently unreleased cards to your decklists. You can build and share lists with unreleased cards the same way you would any other list.

As an example, I conceived of this Sajj list today. It has Zephyr in it, and Bagoum is the only deckbuilder which will allow you to actually incorporate Zephyr into your lists.

Bagoum will be updating daily to add cards to the site as they are released!

This also means that you can view card information on the website’s card database-- here’s Zephyr– and call it up from Bagoum Bot on Discord as well.

Enjoy the new cards!



Nice work man! :slight_smile:


You’re doing the Lord’s work, really excellent stuff. Thanks a bunch!


The site has been updated with Grandmaster Embla ^.^


eldynamite getting those user conversions from manaspring :smiling_imp:

no but really nice job, when the expansion is released how long can we expect it to have all the cards?


That depends on CP for the most part. If they decide to release an updated artkit along with the expansion, it will only take a few hours for me to update everything. Otherwise, it will take several days (maybe less depending on what other resources other people aggregate).


I love using bagoum it’s a quick and easy way to make and show ur decks… Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I’m not being paid to say any of this.


Hey guys! I’ve been requested to keep all my Bagoum posts to one thread, so I’d just like to say that I’ve updated this thread with an announcement for Bagoum’s Bloodborn Expansion Community Rankings.


That list made me laugh a bit :slight_smile:


One of the most interesting things in “Top 10” lists, be it movies, books, or whatever, is reading the comment section. Almost always people find what to agree and disagree with. A community poll gathering is interesting because even if very few if any users will vote identically, this is still the sum aggregate of opinions.

I disagree with many cards here, but it’s still interesting. Entropic Gaze is pure power, it’s much more visible than Tectonic Spikes, but I think Tectonic is the glue holding the archetype together and giving it so much power. I also liked seeing Meltdown’s votes, by far the most divisive card released. Impossible to speculate how much of the negative votes were due to a perception of power (it still needs 8 mana effectively to do anything), versus disagreement with the introduction of RNG.

Will also be interesting to look back on this in a few months’ time.


I’ve updated this thread with an announcement for the updated tier list!


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