Tier List for Patch 1.76-- Bagoum


Updated Tier List here


Several weeks ago I started Bagoum as a project to maintain an up-to-date tier list for the Duelyst community. Today I’d like to announce that the tier list has been updated for Patch 1.76!

Most archetypes have been updated for the new meta, but some archetypes haven’t changed significantly. We obtained decklists from an even wider range of top players this time (shoutout to tundranocaps for getting so many new lists!) so you may see some new names on the tier list!

I’d like to take a moment to explain some of the changes on the tier list–

First, Reva dropped significantly. The Mana Vortex nerf hurt all Reva builds, and Control Reva was probably hit the hardest. As a result, you’ll see Aggro Reva, Control Reva, and Arcanyst Reva a lot lower than they used to be. However, a new Reva archetype-- Midrange Reva-- has developed, and this archetype seems to be fairly strong in the new meta. As such, it’s rated fairly high (#7).

Cass and Faie were both nerfed slightly, but not significantly. Cass can now run Spelljammer over Rite, but the viability of both lists are still mostly the same (Faie has “morphed” somewhat into a more midrangeish archetype). However, Argeon escaped entirely unscathed from the nerfs (and even got a new Spelljammer to play with), and has such ended up at the top of the meta. Bond Argeon as well as Tempo Argeon excel greatly in the current meta, and I pray that CP will nerf Immolation soon to bring them in line.

Magmar has overall risen significantly due to the elimination of Aggro Reva from the top of the meta. Big Vaath is currently an extremely successful archetype, and the Magmar boss GuardianAngel is back to experiment with it. If you thought Spiral was bad, wait until you see the Thumping Wave meta.

Finally, Lilithe is coming back into the meta with a new-and-improved Swarm Lilithe, as well as a reborn Big Lilithe. Both of these archetypes are seeing a lot of development right now, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Lilithe resituates herself in the Skorn AAT (as a tech) meta.

In other news, the Bagoum deckbuilder is finished, and you’ll see that all new decklists on the tier list are made with this deckbuilder. I’ll bee finalizing a few features in the coming days, and then you’ll see a post here about the amazing features of the Bagoum deckbuilder :stuck_out_tongue: Furthermore, the Bagoum Discord bot is finished, and I’m waiting on a response from server admins to get it added to DO. If you want to see it in action, visit one of the unofficial Duelyst servers. Thanks to Keegan for doing so much work on the bot code!

Until next time~


I love how these lists usually end up defining the meta more than the meta defines the lists :robot:

Deckbuilder does look good thoe.


Is Rite really that bad now? It doesn’t seem that useless as you said. Forgive me a stupid question but I have never played Cas although I crafted almost all cards for her and now I’m wondering if I should craft Rite. I really want to finally play with my waifu Cas… And now I realised how bad this sounds…


Are tempo and bond lyonar really the most common decklists on ladder? I seem to have a fairly easy matchup against them. I have trouble against Magmar, specifically the one that runs like 12 removal spells and decides youre not allowed to play duelyst because nothing you summon gets to stick. Not to mention the Makantors. I play Obelysk Vet, Healyonar, and ArtiVet. I can also play Songhai if necessary. Any tips?


I think the Rite changes hurt but it is still an extremely good card. If you play it midgame you are more likely to overdraw, but most of the time when you play it you lose your entire turn anyway.

I still run 3x in my low curve lilith deck


I really like the writeups and the great coverage of many different archetypes, but I feel like the article is overreacting to the nerfs. Yeah the changes made a lot of things weaker, but I think that in time a majority of the cards are still going to be played.

Also the deckbuilder looks great. Is it integrated with the T2K5 scripts?


Love your tier list, it’s the best I’ve seen. Great job

Now, to discuss the meta: I’m seeing a lot of AoE in the meta (frostburn, tempest, plasma storm, graps of agony) but I don’t run any.

Now, I’m a simple diamond player stuck at 3, so I’m no authority, but I don’t usually feel the need for any. What in the meta calls for so much AoE?


Good to know all my favorite archetypes are mediocre. Solo Vaath, Healyonarr, Control Sajj…

Although I do wonder why the Sajj deck in the tierlist seems to be based on running all the tech cards it can get, Sajj sinergy be damned.


smh i will climb with grandmaster zendo kaleos yet again and reach s rank yet again with the greatest of ease


I don’t think that’s how you use the term “smh” and I don’t see how your comment was relevant to the thread. The list is about viability of decks in the S rank, not about their viability in reaching S rank. There’s quite a difference. It’s possible to reach S with every single deck in that list. I myself did it with a deck that isn’t even featured on the list, it doesn’t mean anything.

Talking of which, still waiting for you to reach S with ziran. 20 lyonar badges ftw :smiley:


Consider you happy, mine (Onyx Kaleos) is rated as “Inferior” and “not recommended to play competitively”.

I admit I’m struggling in Diamond but fuck it, I’m having a ton of fun and that’s the point of a game :wink:


I played karsticles onyx jaguar deck to reasonable success after the kara change with something like a 65% winrate but it was very snowbally, relying too much on a minion sticking. It had some pretty crazy plays but relied too much on inner focus smorcing to win if you lose tempo and your early board gets cleared.

On another note I notice that midrange faie looks incredibly similar to the old 2 draw faie at the end of march. It has aoe now to combat flood/jax, some new tricks with bbs, and aspect of the fox replaced hailstone but otherwise it’s a mishmash of neutrals.


There’s nothing you can say to take away my control Reva

Long after the earth has been ground to dust, I will still be here, playing control reva


Great work! Hope this gets some deserved visibility :slight_smile:


I appreciate all the effort that went into this. However, not 2 hours after this was posted, I queued into five aggro Lyonar decks in a row in the gold division (don’t laugh, I was busy with uni this month). The worst part was that I was playing locust Songhai, which is ruined by Lyonar. The night before, I faced mainly Magmar with a fair blend of the other factions.

I know that this sample size is quite small, but I can see a bit of a pattern here…


I know that this sample size is quite small, but I can see a bit of a pattern here…

I control the meta now >:{D


Lmfao LD what’s going on? :joy:


Do you have plans to come up with a feasible budget decklist for each general?


It’s there already.



No, there aren’t lists for Starhorn, Kara, Kaleos, etc.