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Tier List/ Current Meta?


if include 2 earth spheres, 3 finalities and 2 procs of rage binder, that’s 52 points of heal. on average that’s more heal than mantra can burn through


Well then it seems more like Finality is a hard counter to aggro decks in general, but mantra is probably the principle for all aggro so that’s why it was mentioned I guess.


And mana reset makes playing good combo impossible.


cant do a mantra combo with 4 mana


Two abjudicators for the win :slight_smile:


Do tell me more.



still not mantra


It doesn’t matter if you’re dead.


To be fair this is only really possible by the Mantra deck itself because they play Abjudicator, on average most Mantra games actually go quite long depending on draws.

But fair point.


LOL is saurian vaath dead now bc of nerf


Abjudicator vaath should still be stronk af.


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