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Tier List/ Current Meta?


Hello all! I’m a returning player (went on hiatus after ancient bonds, was too lazy to farm coins to get all the cards w/o crafting) and I’m somewhat of a filthy tierlister. This latest expansions seems dope as hell and I’m thinking about jumping back in, but I noticed that all of the previous tier lists are dead.
Can anyone direct me to an updated tier list, and if not, could we discuss some of the best decks in the meta and some of their builds?
Eager to see how everything’s changed :slight_smile:


none of the popular dudes have made one yet.
IV Vath is the no-contest tier 0 right now though.
Vanarcanyst(Bloodbound mentor), Mantra shidai(OTK deck), Zirix/Cyphron Thunderhorn(+kproj, lost in desert) are the other popular decks right now.


Would you happen to happen any cool decks for these that i could play around with? Thanks man!


Stick every card you think would be good with Vaath and you’ll make an S tier deck I promise. It’s that easy.


for the vetruvian ones.

for the magmar ones.


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serpenti intensifies


Thanks so much man!!! You’re awesome :smiley:


Hey! I heard of a cool thread for all your deck list needs! :wink: Immortal Vanguard - Deck Bazaar


Yay, awesome, we have another Saurian Vaath joining the bandwagon.


meh, what’s another saurian vaath player. At least there’s one returning player who’ll have fun. *insert bike cuck meme here

@soulerbeem so yeah, that’s pretty much the sentiment with saurian vaath. I won’t say anything about it other than there’s ton of discussion in the forums and you can find things out for yourself on that matter.




I feel like i am the only magmar player who doesnt use saurian


@nwardezir insert bike cuck’s bike thief meme
@alexx55 naaaah


Decklists of players in recent Duelyst Melee tournaments

Link to replay of said tournaments


The meta right now is basically finality vaath and who can deal with it.

There are also other good decks that aim to lose to vaath but win against everything else and hope it’s enough to climb (in my experience it isn’t)

Of course it all depends on what rank you’re in. In silver/gold you’re most likely to face other stuff because vaath already climbed to higher ranks. I, for instance, was running a counter to vaath in gold but couldn’t climb because I was late for the season and didn’t face a lot of vaaths. Now I’m climbing with another deck and saving it for worse parts of the ladder.

Please don’t play vaath. There’s more than enough of them


There was a thread for that iirc :wink:


Diamond is completely dominated by ControlMar and BangleHai because BangleHai beats ControlMar and ControlMar beats everything else (hyperbole).

I’m biased in favor of everything with an asterisk (*) behind it. Based on a Diamond Lyonar’s perspective:


  • Magmar: Control “Finality” Vaath [Hard Counter: BangleHai]


  • Songhai: Artifact “BangleHai” Reva
  • Songhai: Spell “Mantra” Shidai [Hard Counter: Finality]
  • Songhai: Spell “SpellHai” Shidai
  • Vanar: Arcanyst Tribal “ArcaNar” Faie
  • Vanar: Wall Tribal “Flawless” Faie [Hard Counter: Finality]


  • Abyssian: Aggro Cassyva
  • Abyssian: Control “Unbirth Combo” Cassyva
  • Abyssian: Midrange “Echo” Maehv
  • Lyonar: Tempo “Lizard Slayer” Argeon
  • Lyonar: Zoo “Surge Swarm” Brome
  • Magmar: Aggro “MillHorn/MechHorn” Starhorn
  • Vanar: Control “Fissure” Faie
  • Vetruvian: Aggro Zirix


  • Lyonar: Midrange Titan
  • Lyonar: Midrange “Zeal Bond” Brome *
  • Magmar: Tribal Egg “EggMar” Ragnora/Starhorn
  • Magmar: Midrange “BigMar” Vaath
  • Magmar: Solo Vaath
  • Songhai: Aggro “MoveHai” Kaleos
  • Songhai: Tribal Arcanyst “ArcaHai” Shidai
  • Vanar: Vespyr Tribal “Wintertide” Kara *
  • Vetruvian: Artifact “Maelstrom Combo” Sajj *
  • Vetruvian: Control “Fault” Zirix
  • Vetruvian: Control “Sabotage” Ciphyron


  • Abyssian: Zoo “Chakram Swarm” Lilithe
  • Abyssian: Control “Creep” Cassyva
  • Lyonar: Tempo “Healyonar” Zir’An *
  • Lyonar: Tempo “Tempo Argeon” Argeon
  • Vanar: Tempo “Stunsteel” Ilena
  • Vetruvian: Golem Tribal Ciphyron/Sajj/Zirix
  • Vetruvian: Obelysk Tribal Zirix

I’m not great at parsing the entire meta so I just based it on my own heavily Lyonar-centric experience in Gold and Diamond (Rank 2) previous month.


That moment when you realize you mostly play “falling” decks :cry:


Wait how is finality a hard counter to mantra if mantra has no minions making finalities removal dead draws?