Thunderhorn speculation thread


Its been a bit of a wait for some new pixel art since CP webt on a little holiday break but now their back and showing off this beauty

Now ain’t that some lovely art. Now I’m much too impatient to wait and see what this baby does so I’m passing the time by speculating. Feel free to join in comrades, my guess?

6 mana
When this card attacks deal 2 damage to a random enemy.


Judging from it’s Thunder and it’s horns i would say its a 5 mana 3/4 rush deal 4 damage to anything that damages this


Sounds like fun to guess. I’ll say it has some sort of stun effect and hopefully it’ll be a good 5 drop. So 5 mana, 3/7, opening gambit: stun all enemies nearby.


6 mana 3/8
Whenever this minion deals damage to an enemy, also deal that much damage to all linked enemies.

For example, if your opponent has 5 minions lined one in front of he other and this attacks one end of the chain, all 5 minions will take damage.

Unearthed Prophecy - Neutral Thunderhorn

Let’s be realistic: 6 Mana 6/8 Whenever this minion does damage, deal two damage to all enemies adjacent to them.

There, utter trash! 10/10 CPG approved!

Or if they want it to be amazing:

6 Mana 5/3
Whenever this minion deals damage, deal damage equal to this minon’s attack to all enemies adjacent to them.

It’ll be called, Thor, the father of Makantor Jesus
Nevermind that Thor is part of Norse beliefs, not Christian beliefs.


All I know is it looks DANK AS HELL and even if it doesn’t syngergize with anything imma build a deck to run 3 of bc it looks so good


If this was the case, Thunderhorn + DIretide Frenzy would be so cool to pull off. Would conveniently wipe out a Variax fueled board.


That’s 4 damage, frenzied wraiths are 5/5


Diretide also gives frenzy, meaning the minion would also damage nearby enemies, triggering the effect for more damage.


Maybe there will be some blood surge shenanigans :wink:


If nothing battle pet has come since the Shim’Zar expansion, I’m guessing nothing blood surge related from new minions either


bloodsurge was much better received than battle pets though :thinking:


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