Three Easy Lethal Puzzels


These are pretty neat. So here’s three of them.





Isn’t the point of puzzles to be at least a little challenging? Iunno, if it’s easy and there’s nothing to learn from it seems kind of pointless :neutral_face:


Some great lethal puzzles :slight_smile: the last one is particularly neat.


I’m just here for the censoring. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not always. Puzzles can also introduce principles that are unfamiliar to new players, but are otherwise very easy to those who play the game. That is in a large part the purpose of the puzzles that come with Duelyst at the moment (not the daily ones- the other ones). They aren’t difficult at all if you have been playing a while, but if you haven’t they give you a good idea of basic tactics.

These puzzles all somewhat showcase the same thing (hearthsister is useful), but they would probably be useful to show inexperienced players examples of why positioning is important.


Uhm, so how do you know that opponent’s minions are minors? :<